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desert moon
- MrGabeanator -

I'm in love with this song! 😍
- origamipein18 -

desert moon brought me here
- MrGabeanator -

I wanna do a video of this for the new movie.
- Disney65Fan -

I love this song so much!
- Tuxy's Magical Jukebox -

And they couldn't put this in the new movie?
- Kellie Kane -

Was this song in the movie?
- Nate EatsCake -

Too bad Disney chose to ignore the Arabic actress and actors for Aladdin. Its disappointing...and I don't understand why they ignore them.
- Michelle Bowen -

million miles away was my favorite song in the world and i thought about going to new york city to meet the cast and i audition for singing i can't wait going to be on broadway in new yoork city
- LKP -

Watched Alladin on Broadway! One of my favorites ☺️
- AJ Castillo -

The guy who plays Aladdin has epilepsy like my sis πŸ’˜
- Kathryn Stafford -

you hear my vice it is really high. being on broadway makes me happy and excited and I thought this song was in my head dreaming about the song was really good million miles away it was my favorite song in broadway I saw It at in it makes me in the recording studio I want to be an Actress I am dreaming that so much I want to do a surprise video for my parents they be amazed.
- LKP -

good job adam jacob and courtney reed you are amazing I want to do a surprise video to my parents they be so thrilled good job out there you were amazing I think me in broadway at New York to see the cast in Aladdin the musical you were amazing my favorite songs is million miles away and I wrote for my part of jasmine I think I'm ready to do the recording it just makes happy and excited My Parents says I'm going to New York I'm so excited to see the Behind the scene of Aladdin the musical.
- LKP -

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- B Ortiz -

Beautiful new tune for Aladdin and Jasmine's first meeting. If this was written for the original movie, I can imagine it being set to a beautiful dream scene between the two.
- Manuel Orozco -

Anyone 2018?
Only me?πŸ˜…
- menu neko -

So are we just gonna ignore the fact that Aladdin just sang about him and his best friends in "Babkak Omar Aladdin Kassim" and sung about how they're really close and don't need anything else but now he's singing about leaving everything behind including his three best friends just to run away with some mystery girl he just met? We are? Okay...
- William Mahe -

My God what a lovely song, I do really wanna go to see the broadway Aladdin, enjoy the songs and get my self into my imagination of a magical show..❀️ I’m from Indonesia, so far away from US. Can anyone tell me, are jacobs and reed still being the main lead of aladdin and jasmine?
- danti utami -

This song honestly makes A Whole New World feel redundant; it honestly is a lot better
- Matthew Doel -

love this song
- Raymunda Perez -