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The one and only Jesus Christ of Woodstock. Mr Joe Cocker
- Jose Prado -

Nunca te olvidaré Joe. Cantabas con todo el cuerpo entero...
- Germán Torres Cobián -

all my heros are dead r.i.p. joe.
- Kris Prince -

My favorite song of all time
- brian kuney -

Let down by the backing singers but what a great performance incredible
- Simon Carroll -

Quem está ouvindo o eterno é inesquecível Joe Cocker em 12 de 10 de 2019.
- Lucas Emanoel -

- brian lammering -

Joe "Viceral" Cocker
- JF Hyppólito -

Cocker at the absolute top of his game on this day and a truly great and astonishing performance from the little known greaseband, oh happy days where did you go?
- Andy Mcnish -

Sou septuagenário! Mas, não me canso de ouvir los
- Jorge Santos -

Nací en la época equivocada... Yo era de los 60s!
- Carlos Peñaloza Becerra -

I don't think Joe is into this song, but it's a good cover of the Beatles.
- Todd Witheril -

Inmortal Woodstock!!
- Alejandro López Cuéllar -

It is terrible to think that one day there was a live artist who moved and waved like a phocomelus, a man, a great artist named Joe Cocker.
That we loved because it made us tremble and participate in smoky, overwhelming, tribal happenings.

Because Joe represented, for a short space in my life as a boy, one of my Heroes, a point of reference for those who, like me, loved Rock, the Blues.

One thing is 101% certain: Joe did not die yesterday or yesterday or December 2014, as almost everyone thinks or thinks he knows.

Joe lived a very long agony, he died a little at a time, day after day, drop by drop, since 1971.

Exploited and maneuvered like a puppet, killed by the puppeteers who surrounded him and exploited a whore as it is exploited.

Today we can say that the circle has closed.

Finally, Joe will be able to rest in peace.

I, when I remember, I cry a friend, the friend of a brief, overwhelming and moving season.

Joe heroic figure between 69 and 71.

At the memory I am moved, nasty slut.

Gloria be to you, Joe.

Wherever you are.

You are always here, even in distant Italy and forgive the bad English.
- Julius Dux -

La música que sacudió las mentes de la juventud más innovadores en materia musical. Ellos lograron lo imposible en esos años de tantas humillación que sufrimos la juventud de aquella época.
- Francisco Perez -

Joe Cocker trabajó como carpintero pero su destinó era ser un genial músico, R.I.P.
- TheBaniprey -

Wie er die Musik fühlt ist beim anschauen immer wieder unfassbar .
- Mag Musik -

- Ceu Melo -

Uma vida de rock não tenho como esplicar
- Wellington Melin -

The man gave it everything he had. What a performance. RIP Joe.
- Luis Molina -