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Clássica, para relaxar... Muito bom.
- Mauricio Flor -

just listen you don't need words 
- Peter Eastman -

Left my soul there, down by the seaaaa
- Jonny Rigby -

classic Morcheeba truly gifted
- Pauline Forte -

Years and years of searching for this amazing song FINALLY!!! Last time I heard this was when it was used in one of them holiday villa adverts back in like 04
- Daniel Parry -

If you are the kind of people questioning life all the time, I suggest you to read ~~The Present~~ at TruthContest○com
- SeekTheTruth10004 -

Beautiful music <3
- JoAnn Turner -

I remember when this first came out. It was love at first listen! :)
- Sarah Goodwin -

i was 12 in 1990 and 22 in 2000 ... great decade ... great music ...
- Maestro Reader -

ooohhhh the memories!! the morning after the mad,crazy night before! those were the days! sometimes I am pissed off about being in my 40's but I wouldn't have missed the 90's  for the world!
- Julie Redman -

One of my favourite tracks on this album!
- James Brewer -

Cool as cool can be, chillin man !!
- TheDafu2262 -

LOVE this album! Thanks for the upload :@)
- Hotchocky333 -

<3 Morcheeba <3
- marsha stef -

ja pierdziele na krystynie duzo jamby i nie mysle o niczym potrafi ktos tak
- czupiatraszka wisniewski -

Right now I seek peace and I think I've found an enough amount of it within this song...
- garnettraypaul -

The intro always makes me smile.
- musicforthewin2 -

Still wonderful :)
- Si Hopebgood -

Not at all. We're glad you see what we see in it.
- turnsout689 -