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This is what I need. An actual decent squad who can hold there own and don't get downed constantly while pinging enemies over and over
- Time Code -

LifeLine care packages can drop a turbocharger, but that's the only gold item it can drop.
- Arvind Pasam -

Infinite ammo didnt work coz no mastif?
- Kearney Mol -

- famledude -

lifelines care package can drop gold items
- Peter Timperley -

that's what the last squad gets for being sissy. Can't believe they hid there for like 2 minutes or something
- Angelo Dato -

Something weird playing in the background
- Churr The Bro -

Outro song?
- Muffin Smith -

ive gotten mastiff from drop of lifeline if you get to steal one from enemy and drops gets better on the end i think
- RebelRousku Rouskut -

I've gotten a Kraber from a Lifeline package, it's SUPER rare.
- DekuIsAble -

We dont need to nerf that havoc, can we nerf shroud?
- Armiliandi Yandi -

Lifelines carepackage only drops defensive items and gold scopes
- Dj Jazz -

- mochiii -

- Alain Bautista -

i got a gold peacekeeper in the cascades area
- GearZ25 -

- Mr. Nobody -

Does it matter if any on pc or psn4 ? We can play together right ?
- Just Nicki -

Disrespected mozambique kills in first clip
- Subscribe PewdiepieYT -

El no usa aimbot, el es el aimbot.
- Bryan Giles -

8:28 aimbot confirm
- nguyen bang -