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When flute became sexy
- TheAgedGamer -

Magik da flauta gnomos do rock místico. 📯🎺🎼🎵🎶🎸🎷
- Antonielli Waltrick. TONHO W83 -

Till was really weird. Who gives the Bass as a lead? Very few. Rock music - with a flute????? I love the strange difference
- Marc Stevens -

- Mefi100 -

love that bass!
- nikitas filip -

You do not hear this on so-called "Classic Rock" stations.
- John Tiggleman -

Needs more harpsichord
- Sabbath maiden fan -

pretty much a classic, by any norm
- Shaun Kelly-Kenyon -

Saw them a couple of times in 69/70. Once at the 'Magic Village' in Manchester u.k, small venue. Fantastic show, Mick Abrahams lead guitar,,,he was outstanding,,as was the whole group.
- mrleekel -

Solid, but the song that is also called "Bourée" recorded by Dutch band Trace is even better. Check it out as well.
- Howling Iron Metal Blog -

That is bach and it rocks
it's a rock block of bach
that he learned in the school
called the school of hard knocks!
- St4zBl0od -

I remember making love to this tune with the first ever love of my life. And then a quarter century later at Red Rocks Coliseum I saw Ian Anderson start a concert being brought out in a wheelchair. He jumped out of the chair and dived into Bouree singing and playing the flute dancing on one leg as he did. So sweet to hear it again.
- Ken McNearny -

J T. Total Jam
- John Trujillo -

It is bourrée and not bourée.
- Vierotchka -

This song always evokes a Beatnik joint feeling for me.
- Kerry White -

wonderful music ... listening for years
- Marco Pellino -

Ahhhh, Bach!
- robhov188 -

so good!
- Frans Schmitz -

- Louis Remacle -

If memory serves, didn't this album jacket when opened (like a double album jacket would) have little cardboard cutouts of the band "stand up" like a pop-up book would?
- jack brandt -