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y go pop? I want some more songs like my favorite. "True friends" ;-;
- Ocean M. -

- Ellio The Dino -

Reminds me of U2's video for Original of the Species, but more disturbing.
- Sherocha Fernando -

this video is a fever dream
- John Barlow -

- WeversoN RodrigueS -

This reminds me of Zucc for some reason ._.
- Maria Beatrice Bianca Grandé -

Amazing 7u7r
- Marcelo Fabrizio Rojas De Los Rios -

Que mierda :v?
- Yuli17155 :v -

Desde Guatemala reportando que BMTH son la mera tos!!!

Junto con AA y BFMV!!!!!!!! 🤘🤘
- DannyG RamirezG -

When Oliver Sykes kissing Oliver Sykes
- Oliwia Kruczyńska -

Ollie: niggah do a Flip
- Dunergy -

Xperia 5 IFA Song
- Fathan.muhammad -

Why does everyone look like a CPR dummy?
- Royden Campbell -

I prayed for plagues but instead got this...
- KINGamer 1993 -

How weird video do you want?
- Anonymous Girl -

This music video can just go away honestly
- Casey Fortuna -

This song is unique, but when I take a shit that’s unique too
- Vinre -

This is a major generic crap. Jesus fuckin' Christ! Stop playing BMTH.
- Andrej Semnic -

We are venom...
- geetakandari -

I'm shaking.. I did know about this evolution..I. Still stuck on Suicide Season. And partying naked..
- Crystal Ross -