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Director: How many time Oliver should appear in the video?

Oliver: YES
- kaetsteak -

- Kim Nana -

when you are lazy as shit and don't want to do a music video
- Gamedev1909 -

This animation style reminds me of Cool 3D World

BRING ME THE old HORIZON back !!! I'm so sad........ 😭😭😭
- Gilbert Daniel -

Guy's can we get back.. Idk.. Sempiternal?
- Mimi the Heropon -

just a no from me...
- Arsen Kokoev -

What kind of med are they using here?
- Jackson Teller -

Directors:So guys, how creeped out do you want to make the viewer?
- Erin Rideout -

As a bmth fan, thats favourite albums are 1.Sempiternal
2. That's the spirit
3. There is a hell...

Amo is not the music i wanted. But its no doubt, still a pretty good album i appreciate and still like.
- Bauzli GG -

I can in for ROCK and ... what is Backstree boys garbage? i threw up...
- cdcdcd6777 -

- Eric carpizo Segovia -

Miss you
- Deddino -

I believe he's trying to change but he's lost 💔🥀 like he's trying to be a better him

This isn't Pray for Plagues
- Dougefresh 711 -

Wtf is oli on now man
- craig harvey -

im high as balls right now
- jelly g -

venom 2 is weird af
- Chris -

2:57 when you’re at grandma’s house and it’s dinner time
- Bobby Eyelash -

when sws are heavier than bmth
- K1. Beast -