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My wife and daughter will love this. 😎
- Donawan Putra -

- とらてる -

Please add this song to your play lists! You would love it
- BUNKER 5tudios -

Why does rock looks like pop ?
- Luan Sales -

what is this? :(((((
- m3mrtall metall -

Good song shitty video.
- kevin McInnes -

Ooff poor heads
- Симка Собачина -

Кто из России! Давайте покажем силу Русского комьюнити! 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
- Канал Харда -

Bring Me The Horizon really sucks now..
- Vinre -

managed to cut so many toxic people out of my life moving job amd moving town and lifes so much brighter without them
- Butters -

I pray for plagues
- Kelly Mcgrath -

Old fans only like old music
New fans only like new music
Real fans love both
- Dhiran Sodha Music -

you need a taste of your own medicine
- Gacha Girlxox -

this video is oddly satisfying
- isabela -

ketamin is a medicine for me :))))))
- DSHTheSnake -

Okay after a long time of thinking about this I finally gave into their new sound an actually I'm not as upset or put off by it anymore they sound really good they're just a creative progressive band and I needed to just be fine with it and chill I would be such a fake fan to leave them after all these yrs just bc they don't do" rock" as much as they did before lol I still bop to their old stuff too it's not like they deleted their past songs
- xVALENx -

Thats whats creepy 0_0
- Omal Nuarin -

Who's here since Pray For The Plagues?
- Chewbacca production -


Extraweg :D
2:15 nice