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This reminds me a lot of Cool3dworld
- Fluffycakez5 -

Where is the spirit of pray for plagues?
- Oriol Vendrell -

It’s crazy how I can’t get tired of this song. Been listening to it nonstop for months.
- 알레산드라 -

ME : My own meds taste good..need a taste?

*vomits oiled humanoids
- Don Neville -

No more metal for BMTH ?
- DJbrandon05 -

Oh man, this is that instagram account with all of that uncomfortable art.
- abi. gail -

I like metal No pop Thanks
- Van 121 -

Ahre tragaba mas personas que mia khalifa
- Diego Gonzalez - check out my friends band if you like Metal you might like it album came out today
- David Lad -

You need a taste of your own medicine
- Super Mega Asshole 3000 -

I think its time to stop
- Super Mega Asshole 3000 -

You're finish guys sorry
- War Drive -

Is it weird that I cried the first time I watched this video? I think it’s just the fact that I have a tremendous amount of love for these guys and I’ve been addicted to their music since I was 10. I first heard It Never Ends when There is Hell first came out and I remember being instantly hooked on these guys.
- Hunter Gilbert -

BMTH Old : like a Wolf
BMTH Now : like a cat
- Andra Samuel -

Big Cool3dworld vibes
- Nia_desu:3 -

Top Very good
- Karina Serra -

Whoever did the cgi, 3D, and physics of this video is my hero.
- Miguel Manuel -

some people are a lot like clouds you know ...
- Laura Ballestas -

I fucking love this song so much they've come so far best band ever since I heard there first album I've been obsessed hope to see them live someday
- Dan the Chatterbox -

This would be so much better if the damn faces actually matched what he's saying
- Matt -