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Вы же об обсераете себя
- Павел Алейник -

Americans are gay and how did he not fuck him while he was injured ?
- Ёханный Бабай -

É Rock l... É paz ...melhor não tem
- San braz -

Слава Богу русские их давят
- олег ким -

Чё суки крови боитесь ))))) твари!!!!
- Дмитро Гор -

this mine ?
this mine of named ФУГАС
- Dante kellerman -

сколько страдания вс америки принесли народам и странам.Ну не жалко их ни капельки. Здохните. А металлика мне нравиться
- Андрей Казанцев -

He should have kept pressure on the wound until the medics got there
- William Van pembroke -

Noviembre 2019
- Marcela Dorsch -

- Applemunitdayak 700110 -

Out of all the years I carried my rifle I don't think I ever used the carry handle. Maybe it is an Infantry thing, but it was the first thing I noticed. I know in boot it was beat into to us to never use it and same at AIT. Any other Moses or Branches use the handle? Airborne!!! Happy Veteran's Day!!!
- Major Hawker -

- Стас м -

Esse clipe merecia ser um filme,muito bom.
- César Augusto Selva Araújo. -

Всё как временая ситуация или запись в память🌏🌎🌍.
- Сергей Борисюк -

Metallica это короли тяж рока! Обожаю!
- S S -

Hey, Metallica, I know you wanted to tell a story that looked awesome on paper... but at least you could get the picture right... at least you could hire some retired marines to get the picture right... With all of the respect, it is bad.

- Scratch -

You always wait for the best results but In some situations it never happens the way you would like but no matter what you are pushed to go forward regardless of what you were dealing with before which is all add on's & the weight is so overwhelming but you still fight on I myself say thank you
- Clayton F -

Anyone in 2019?
- Hayasaka Jamir -

anybody from greece who likes this amazing song? rhodes island greece 2019
- Mario Glory -