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- Drip -

Like this if quando rondo is better than lil baby
- Ciacide Viral -

- Curt Tripping -

Yung thug clone
- Ihate You -

u stole a lyric from future
- LayMyOppToRest -

Whoever came from tiktok 2:45 is what your looking for
- Matt Ice -

He definitely stole them lyrics from future πŸ˜­πŸ–πŸΎ.
- Kennadi Nash willams -

A part of this song is in another song. Future turn on the lights (2012)
- Kelis Neal -

2:45 is the same as turn on the lights by future did y’all notice that???🀭
- Mariah Moore -

Funny how future made a song in 2012 that you stole lyrics from but that's what up
- Starr Aparicio -

You stole lyrics from lil thug i
- Malik4pf -

cough 2:44 2012 cough
- Jacarri Jones -

Turn on the lights future lyric stealing
- Alejandro Acosta -

Stealing lyrics I see...
- Giovanni Toriz -

Bruh this is a fire song but he stole the lyrics from turn on the lights
- Victoria Rivas -

2:44 he used futures line from turn on the lights
- Baller Drew -

You stole lyrics from future 2:44 Turn in the lights
- Nick J. -

He smiling with a red wallgreens cap on in his car β™Ώ
You got da nerves to ask me how i feel nigga
All da real niccas in heaven i need someone to call on
- Kariel Gaulden -

You stole these lyrics from Future
- SpEcTrAL_Vibez -

Who else cam from tiktok
- Keavian Massey -