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Can we get a young Ma and Jadakiss trackπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
- Mike Buckley -

i now all the rapers mostly all the rapers went Edmonton Alberta Canada is only lil mosey and ice cube i wish all the rappers went to Edmonton like young ma and lil skies they well make a lot of money because people in edmonton been ding to seee them in edmonton
- Koren Castor -

I need these instagrams @ bitches for research purpose only...
- Momo -

1:56 when my match teacher sees me doing the wrong thing for a question
- Robert Freeman -

What's Poppin what's brakin
- Mansa musa -

Young m.a. Is a girl????😳😳😳😳😳
- BBG Videos -

I like them tatted bitches hi kehlani
- Chloe Mercury -

- Sera Dirty -

Young ma got more balls then these fake ass drug taking colored hair rappers nowadays. I’m a 2000’s baby and I’m so ashamed of the generation I grew up, but at least she saving it kinda.
- Jewillz Daprince -

- Tanner Witte -

Marshall and ma goes🌠πŸ”₯

Is a real blood? or just part of the community, but not affiliated technically
- Jesse Reid -

Oh well, i guess i'm in love
- Lenene -

Boy...still 🀟hittn.
- Did Drama -

Am I the only one who saw that girl tongueAt 1:18? her tongue is long asf
- Shalamar Brown -

Said I would get a better job, Made it happen toOoOoOoO
- Mscutiepatootie13 -

This track is so sick , it degustation
- Gerson Eagles -

red lifeeee
- Justin Lopez -

Young M.A β€πŸ’–β€πŸ’–β€
- zombielover2011 And Family -

She's better than Cardi b# *motherfuckers
- William Tchanga -