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We Are Not Your Kind is available worldwide. Get the album here: If you purchased a pair of tickets online to the Knotfest Roadshow, check your email now to redeem your digital copy.
- Slipknot -

Jim is me most of the video when people tries to selfie with me
"No no no, please"
- Much Mach -

I slept on this song for a long time, this shit goes so fucking hard now
- lofiramen -

Hello we r slipping and this is our budget music video!
- Hamish Barry -

not a fan but I like it
- yypeoo oo -

looks like the old 3d viewfinder
- frank GFish21 ferrante -

Me: Can I use the bathroom?
Teacher: Why didn't you do during the break?
The bathroom during the break:
- Dread -

0:18 corey taylor
- Beven -

Still one of my fav songs off the album
- Jordon Flexer -

others are cool but corey is a total MEME
- Pp The gamer -

Jajaja tiktokers
- PelucaUwU -

This is one weird iPhone commercial
- Wasted Timeandeffort -

Volume limitations on a phone are bullshit
- The Real Nicky Nurotic -

Lightning blade?
- First Last -

Corey was right, Hell is real and it's already here.
- Mammon -

A fan since 1666
- Marius Zaremba -

Can we all agree that the thumbnail literally looks like a tiktok
- Sebastian Stone -

I don't think we appreciate 3:10 enough for being one of the most brutal things in WANYK
- Armin C4 -

Puro comentario in english but te encuentras este delisioso comentario en español, apoco no está chingon? Deja tu like hermano latino 7u7
- Erick Aquiles Duque -

4:5k dislike we are not your kind
- Chloe Lou Taylor -