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00:00 ►Torn
04:04 ►One More Addiction
07:36 ►Big Mistake
12:09 ►Leave Me Alone
16:31 ►Wishing I Was There
20:25 ►Smoke
25:02 ►Pigeons And Crumbs
30:23 ►Don't You Think?
34:18 ►Impressed
39:07 ►Intuition
42:32 ►City
47:05 ►Left Of The Middle
- Music Is My Drug! -

Froom indo ......I LV U...... lagu lama yg ku cari..lagu kesukaan ku sma dulu....
- aldi ja -

This album's music is different from her other albums.Nat please make another Left of The Middle
- Kontoculai -


This is one of the best albums I own.
- BillyLuver0 -

Damn good album!
- Erin Rose -

- sacha robles -

I've already read this message..... But still I'm not done thinking if Nat was still naked on the floor 🤣
- Racist Killer Ultimate -

Love this album! It's one of the best debut album of my life.
- Juhee Lee -

She and her music were and still are touching and beautifull . My wife still loves her :
- Pawel Lotocki -

Cool abis.nak bali suka banget ni.
- Gede Lanus -

I love natalie left of the middle..awesome songs...of in that album.
how know where natalie live now ?
Beautiful and creative music!
- Christopher Kelley -

My favorite album ever.. i love you Natalie! You are a gift to us ..
- Ian Samonte -

Quiero morir volvi atras ya no recuerdo cuantos años creo que 20 me gusta el reegue rock electronica puedo escuchar y distinguir una gran musica al menos eso creo ella una de las mejores no se si producida de mas por que no tuve la suerte de verla en vivo pero si se escucha como este audio es una diosa
- sergio lugo -

loved this as a teenager, still here. I always knew she would go places when she was in neighbors.
- quakecon2009 -

Onde eu posso baixar Dowload "Pigeons and Crumbs" ???
- Juliane Matos -

I love natalie left of the middle..awesome songs...of in that album.
- Edwin Yeong -

great album
- Sand Heden -

Criatividade excelente, como pouco se vê atualmente. Sem falar na excelência da voz: doce e sublime.
- Cristina de Fátima Ferreira da Silva -

- Omarr Koroma -