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I love that they did this
- ashley larson -

the actors kids and old lady are cool and must have cool handlers.  to "get" this video is amazing
- Greg's Garage -

Ghost Ridin the whip! shout out Bay Area!
- Dahly Lama -

White man with 2 lil boys and this is damn near close to how we throw it down when driving around! Lol
- bsk8r24 -

The grandma got me rollin 😂
- Ben_ 2.0 -

Love the video lol that's great
- Clint wade -

It explains my life in one song!
- front cover girl -

Lol. Yep...toshort..see were u got it twisted is that i could care less about yalls money ya all shit
- Karen Ramos -

Me when I am older 👼I am11
- The ace Ace -

Pimp in players shit
- Demarcus Whitaker -

Lol dopest white family ever🤣
- Mike Tyson -

Still funny in 2020 lol
- chris2crazzy -

Lol I seen them ratchet squares.. lol TV had me confused thinking they were straight .. nope.. that TV projecting .. don’t protect that behavior ..them thoughts .. lol Lesson Learned !! I wouldn’t play that way .. God is to cold .. knows everything..
- Rickert Drawings -

they said the n word! Where's that pass? Hand it over all of you.
- iLiek beans -

Me in my car honestly 🤣🤣😂
- Hailey Pynn -

Turn that shit up
- Symone Ramsey -

Brah the endings my favourite
- A.T.M.L -

That's so bad after that house Ray wants to retire lmao
- Korrie Whitten -

- Ollie Witchet -

- Jessica Young -