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Almost 2020 let's burn one for Makaveli da don
- Samuel Jean -

Every y;ear that passes, is it just me and my old ways or does Pac keep bumpin better and better...this is Motivating, whatever industry or line of work your in, Put a lil pac playlist together on your way to work and watch you run!! Now go on Cowgirls!! gimme a YEE Hoh!!!
- Jehm Magana -

somking blunts till i pass out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž
- 420 stoner -

Who still listening in 2019 August
- 420 stoner -

- PinkBeauty Doll -

Who listening in 2019?
- 85jmurk -

- Allen Mitchell Gardner -

A Legend in his own time & a Legend 4 Eternity Thug Life OutLaw Immortal baaabaaay
- james mcclendon -

Sooo nigga
Puuulll quick !
But better be quicker
Than the next mutha fucka
On the trigger
Cause I'm static
Startin' to be a fuckin' habit
Gotta keep my automatic
Or get my ass kicked
When I'm travelin'
It's kind of puffin'
I drive a bucket
Little Thug Life nigga
Screaming Fuck It
I love to throw my middle finger to the police
And no bucks, no justice, no peace
I'm smoking blunts 'til I pass out
Yah nigga getting assed out
Rollin' and my niggas
Glass out
Drving fast
Talking to bitches
Whipping cash out
I'm with my niggas
So fuck the suckas
I'm bucking brothas
Smokin' chronic mutha fuckas
Causing ruckus
It's the last of the drank
Pull over
Can't hear a damn thang
High 'Til I Die
- The Alpha -

I told baby daddy ,play this at my funeral
- KeKe Gooden -

Who ever says the pool original is better is crazy!!! This is way better.
- D Blake. tribe of BANYAMAN. -

R.I.P don thanks for everything
- Ali Allaudin -

2019/8/20 Still!!!! 😎🌍🌴πŸ”₯πŸ”₯..
- Linda Benton -

2019 🎯
- Devan Dobbins -

We need to thank dr dre. That he put all rappers stand up
- dtdonni donii -

started to rewatch samurai champloo and the intro was like a really really really wack attempt at this. had to come back to listen how the god does it
- FrnnkEducation -

Pac you ain't never been as high me lol .
- Matthew Pullen -

First time hearing this. And I love itπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
- Big Guy -

- Jokubas -

Middle of the summer 2019
- Taron Riddick -