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One of the great bands of the 70s and one of my fave
- Pat Kalinawan -

Grupos como ya no hay, ahi si cantaban y tocaban
- Valentin Trejo -

- Римма Мосеева -

I just want to know who is that fucking asshole who provided RD burman and Kishore Kumar with all those Vynile Discs?Those days they were'nt easyli avl. in India and used to cost a lot.
- himashis barma -

One of Thains best songs to showcase his bass ability
- James Davis -

One of the Heeps best songs
- James Davis -

Lily Quatro..Iam from to music legend Uriah Hip, deep purple very so Mach the music hard rock on world..
- Lili Sumantri -

And it was 1979 Nice song..
- chris clemencia -

I was only 13 years old when I heared this song at soon ko pinatutug sa jukebox..
- chris clemencia -

Юрай Хип,я живу когда вас слушаю!!!!
- Сайха Рахаева -

We will never forget this song ! An obra of this band forever !
- Eugene Macalinao -

Wow ! Can't believe that this song came out 49 year ago ...truly Epic & Timeless song 👌
- Robin Nguyen -

I've watched their great performance in Jakarta, I feel lucky
- kenaisi -

Wow Like theres no other of this song. its totally pakage
- Lyndon Sanchez -

Ik denk aan je Frans !
- John Bambach -

David Byron song king!!!
- yaxay17 -

Unforgettable musicians
- Marcelo Figueroa C. -

I like All song uriah heep..
- banyak kenangan lagu ni Zain -

I saw Uriah Heep 1984 in Jakarta..
- Satia Judha -