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Iżbyście nie zesrali się na stare lata
- Adam Kowakski -

Here we can speak from music, real music.... that's quality high 3! music presentaded with heart and soul... completo...yes that's reality!
- Peter Giebfried -

Настальгия браво золотые1970 года. Жаль не вернуть.
- Александр Тимофеев -

Июльское утро это тебе не январское утро
- Виктор Бужинский -

Щедевр. Нет слов чтобы выразить. Будем помнить всю жизнь...
- Сергей Тиунов -

- shazin daia -

Oh that voice!
- Abdulrahim Sangki -

Music of this time was magic to which Uriah Heep wrote their chapter in the grimoire alongside their brethren Zep, Sabbath, Deep purple, Humble Pie, and on an on, These guys had 2 great bass players, Gary Thain and John Wetton RIP
- Mathew Ryan -

Anyone see them at palace I Waterbury ct in 70s awsome
- Arthur Pichette -

Uriah Heep - July Morning = ∞
- Gonzalo Gonzalez Giraldez -

Wow! This is amazing! Sometimes i forget just how insatiable late 60's and early 70's rock is
- Robert Gity -

Crazy bassline!!!
- bukek siansu -

saw them in montreal in 1973 my favorite band at the time -- drugs once again took away 2 great musicians -
- Alfons Vanfrachem -

Ohhhhh Man..fantastic music..
- Augusto Morales -

thank You for upload MrPetkno
- aigars medelevs -

Still the best
- sherwin ergo -

Steve Harris was influenced by Gary Thain.
- Brian Ferris -

Hey BIG ED here still on my wife's tablet
Dang I just want to load my bong
Sit back and feel at peace
Like the great 70s
- Gina Meeks -

I get pissed off every time Purple and Uriah Hero can not perform good. Sometimes Blackmore can not even play a note of the original solo... Are they bored and play random things?

Phrases out of time, Destroying the melody, Look at Yourself was also performed badly. Drugs? Can not be compared to studio versions. He sings too slow, the song is faster.