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..maccc dreezzzzy..foooor shooo..😎
- Timothy Pollard -

"On my savage ass grind, I was collecting my rent" deadass though
- Ernesto Jerezaguilar -

I'm evading pigz big chillin in yo backyard with dope in my mouth 🎱⚪️💯
- Licc my nutz Suck my butt -

10001th like! fire!
- PhunkBeta Prah -

Highschool days
- mountain man -

Beat goes crazy
- kden -

- Jonathan Esparza -

"i drink heem and smoke green grass everyday and love to play in my clean ass chevrolet" this is the beginning of mac dre's cleaness, pay some respect
- RefinedDesire -

Rip Dre Mane
- Dre Doe -

415 mfs couldn’t shake the damn feds
- Clay Poxon -

As i scroll down,i jus pass up alk this new rap and quick to click on some real sik wit it beats like my nigga mac dre,209 norte xiv gorilla's
- paul Ramirez -

- Pablo Quinteros -

This the real hustler music of blue face was a lil nigga when this came out jus like when it came out when I was young what u know about printed thizz shirts in Porterville haha 2000-2009 shit
- Cesar Cipres -

Still Slapping
- Frank G -

Gas brake dip down the street from the 4 yard
- Anthony Delatorre -

Still playin
- aarondr69 -

Makes me wanna let me demons out
- Michael Ruiz -

Now i guess 403 people couldnt shake the feds ? Smh it ok haters
- Mike Hizzle -

Yeeeeeeeeeee 🔥
- Alyssa Kaur -

I knew mac dre's Uncle, he used to sub over at Hogan middle school shout out to the hicks side maYne, 707 an we Shoutinn!!