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Обалдеть!!!Слушала.слушаю и буду слушать!!!!Супер
- Irina -

Beautiful pictures complementing awsome music - thank you for posting.
- TheVisualAngel -

The god of Balearic trance. A nice early morning mix to listen to while making breakfast I might add..
- Shane B -

- Tropical Vibes -

an incredible mix
- Mohamed Tag -

I suffer from anxiety disorder and right when i was having a panic attack i found this .. great mix, great selection. thanks. It really calmed me down.
- Umemployed Plumber -

Самая лучшая музыка!!!
- Альбина Апрол -

Ça me t'appelle tellement de beaux souvenirs des années 2000 des soirées à danser et se laisser aller et oublier tout les tracas.Du bonheur juste du bonheur.Merci!😍
- Isabelle Breton -

Muy buena mezcla, me recuerda buenos tiempos :)
- Alonso Miralrío -

The best playslist! Evaaa’....🙏🏻😔
- cinemask8 -

Тема ништяковая 23.20.
- Александр Шведа -

I love Roger Shah's Sunlounger stuff...just awesome, peaceful...makes feel good to be a human and be alive..
- Touraj Touran -

- vasile lung -

Thank you for the music!
- Konstantin Boshnakov -

From Poland 😄😄😄😄
- Natasha Dudnik -

When you are in need of peace listen to this beautiful music.
- Jimmy Aleman -

- Вадим Маломуж -

That's my type. Huge respect for u Roger. Great work indeed.
- Dipankar Dey -

Love the melodious tune ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
- AHB Vlogs -
- corey croft -