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Excelente mix.. 🕺
- Amado Barranco -

one of the best i heard congratulations!
- Cesar Emmanuel Zamudio -

schön!!!Top*:*maiki nike !
- The Nike Maiki -

exelente set increible la musica saludos desde argentina
- Jorge Schonfeld -

- Nik Vas -

Pure bliss .
- Jason Cox -

the best perfomance..
- Hendri Hendri -

Perfecto, Only the number one DJ Roger Sha, i love
- yadira camacho -

I wish Magic Island was still like this. It's what made Music For Balearic People Vol 1 so special.
- Iceferno Pro -

I have never been to Spain...being Catalans descendant. Learning Balearic music is a genre of music, discovered in one of the Baleraric Islands, then transported to England...and that was the beginning of the journey. Trance music...Sunset Music...peace of mind...I'm with it! :-)!!
- ddskimmer -

The track Who Will Find Me wasn't voted from Armin Van Buuren the best track of 2007. Because it's just a masterpiece that Mr Shah created. So uplifting summer music and positive words. Dance dance in the morning light, open your darken eyes. Hey hey it's a beautiful day, it will be ok. Sha is from the best. Since 2004 I am listening to his music and he is the master of balearic trance music. Quality and not edm etc.
- gaster -

I understood that i can't live without trance music
- urangua Nergui -

Great mixing and song selection thanks!
- Conor Birkett -

I'm addicted to this mix!
- Hans -

2019 23 de mayo día de cumpleaños q bien se siente escuchar esto!!! Mi máquina del tiempo
- Rowan Mejia -

Талантливые люди, мастера своего дела! Спасибо вам за то что умеете дарить радость, слушая ваши музыкальные произведения!
- Александр Тимошенко -

Can't get tired of this mix
- Sorin Tolomeiu -

All feelings and emotions are reflected in the music....Thanks Roger Shah....perfectly...
- Nadia Zozulia -

Thank you roger shah.... idownloaded it for now this beautiful compilation....
- Jerico Sanchez -

- Irina -