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Watch until the end for a surprise!
- MrBeast -

I am subed and got merech
- Leigha Woods -

That would be so much fun
- Duncan Giroux -

chris simp247
- Inediblegamer76 -

That was really cool
- David R. -

I want pizza now.
- Prototype Laboratories -

- Ahmed Almaklani -

Chandler would have won on his first spot. 🌳
- Jennifer Reyes -

Mary's eyes dilating is the coolest and creepiest thing ive ever seen XD 2:58
- Chechan Miller-scelsa -

where was this filmed I NEED IT
- Karis Roberts -

Damnit Chandler you were so close!!?!?? Whyyyyyyy!!!
- Vader McMahon -

These videos are so funny! You are the best! Can't wait for the next one! ^^
- Tanq Genova -

10 people I will die,I will be there till Christmas
- Crystal Lopez -

last to leave bowl of whipped cream wins $__ pls
- Harrison Fisher -

Roses are red violets are blue chandler doesn’t want money he wants to poo
P. S. I didn’t make this up someone else did
- Pawsome Videos -

Can candler say hi to me
- Hank Lampley -

Caral baskins husband could definitely win this challenge
- Steriotpical Name -

1:07 MrBeastein xD....
- Kostas Poumpouridis -

tyler always order food

Chandler was in such a great spot
- Little galaxy wolf -