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Für mich als eh. Drummer (40 Jahre Bühne) ist Mike Portnoy das Non plus Ultra!
- Rainhard -

- Euge Riva -

jmmm a bad voice day
- Josué Isidoro -

I I like this band excellent.
- Johannes C -

Jeff voice is not longer as it use to be
- chelosocal -

Mike Portnoy the real dream theater
- Rama Rimara -

нудятина, сдобренная симфонической какофонией.
- руслан петров -

Interesting that this band have a fired dream theater x-member(Derek) and a dream theater member that was responsible for it and that later got fired himself(Mike)
- Carlos Lyra -

5:34 que buen tributo a Dream Theater xD
- vanfer22 -

The Ultimate Band!!!!!!!!!!
- The Exterminator -

Is this another Metallica vs Megadeth sort of story.....
- bean stalker -

Is Mike playing a new ahead drum stick or what are those?
- Allen Shaolin -

How are they counting around the 3:20 mark? Anyone know what time signature?
- Eric Donnelly -

We have a 'dream theater' on this band ...
- tri mariyanto -

Damn, that equipment looks heavy!
- Plaudits153 -

This singer seems so underwhelming in this band. Not a good fit at all.
- Sock Monkey -

I can't believe this guy sang with yngwie
- Miguel Alejandria -

I'm a new fan here.... Sounds better than the newer Dream Theater album
- Kuya Robbie -

The intro Is almost the same of Queen s Show Must go on (same intro not same Song).
- Manuel Gioiosa -

7 58... Beautiful Ron!!!!
- Muhammad Ardhiansyah -