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I love the song nobody is ugly
- Shanta Harris -

Quem veio pelos challenges do Instagram?
- Natália Vitória -

"are you happy with yourself?" hits me right in the fucking throat...
- Shrek -

-Beyonce: Are you happy with yourself?

-Me: No!
- Eiden Tavarez -

Yesterday I was in the car and this song somehow came on the radio then today while I was drawing it started playing on Pandora. When I found this music video I didn't search for it, it was in my recommendations. I have no clue what's going on.
- Lily Simister -

the fact that this song & partition is on the same album shows how iconic Beyoncé is
- John Doe -

I would never want to do pageants because they nit pick on every little thing that isn't their "perfect"
- Londry Demaree -

You are beautiful
- Jemima -

your beautiful just the way you are guys no matter what❤❤❤❤
- Sarai Belton hill -

Tearing up while listening to this song. The words hit deep
- Faith Abe -

Can we just talk about the voice when the song starts
- Perminus Mwaka -

- Candy Destiny -

this song hurts me and i love it
- Djo jo -

5:18 ❣️
- Saivon Perkins -

Queen B ❤️
- Mariane araujo -

Quarentena 2020 e eu aqui
- maria eduarda Coelho -

Love this song it speak facts💜😘
- Nadine Johnson -

when people say practice makes perfect your already perfect by yourself 😊
- Ellie Aldrich -

Quarentena fera ouvindo pretty hurts
- Karolyne Bitencourt -

Beyoncé is pretty this world is just so judgemental but thanks to God for his son dying there’s a better place called heaven
- Lil_k Stickz -