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Thank you guys so so much for the support and for all the positivity. It honestly means the world to me!! I'm SO grateful I got to make this video with Shane. He is AMAZING and please go watch it here!! ❤️
- Eugenia Cooney -

why is she so fat oml
- Jordanv231 -

I want her to come back and look at this video ~~
- MellowJelly -

I'm happy for you! You look so much better, please keep it up!
- Chris Leone -

I just checked your channel and a lot of new videos were on there and I watched her first video back and I am sooo happy your back and you look sooo much better.
- Amy Knetter -

She WAS better,here.
- chary361 -

You are such a beautiful soul hun 💕 and shane is a great guy too & loved the video 💞
- Heidi’s Happy Hideaway -

Omg I loveeeeee your sweater 🥰

It's so cute 🥰
- Tiffany Green -

Hope you get better soon Eugenia

Love you so much ❤️
- Tiffany Green -

Omg I remember watching you years ago it always made me sad bout the stuff but I'm so thankful to see you are doing better please keep up the great work all of your great fans and me are really grateful to see you doing better I did stop watching after awhile cause it pained me to see what you were doing cause ik I never had those issues but i did have a ex that did I think if she did get help maybe we'd be married like we planned but anyways it hurt me to see someone as talented and funny as you going through that so I stopped and unsubscribed due to personal reasons but now I'm subscribing and I'm so happy to see you are getting help it'll take awhile and it may be hard but you will have people always supporting you
- Nicholas Derosier -

You don't know how many girls lives you just changed you got me crying thank you for saving yourself you did it nobody else but you are proud of you😘
- Its Me -

I miss this voice
- Jessica Massey -

I really feel like Eugenia shouldn't have come back. She's not even close to half way recovering and the internet isn't gonna help.
- Alien prince -

- Gnarly Carly -

she’s.. slipping back.. is that normal for ED’s? is slipping behind for a long amount of time normal? or should we be worried about it..?
- CharlynZR -

Girl I just discovered ur channel and I know this video was uploaded half a year ago but I instantly felt so much compassion for you as soon as I saw you speak >u< How people have treated you is horrible and u should know that bad people choose the nicest people to bully because they know you won't get angry at them, ur just to good of a person to do that and that's such a beautiful personality trait!! I'm so happy to hear ur back and also that I stumbled upon ur youtube channel because you are such an energetic and positive person, thank you for sharing all that love and happiness with us <3
- Roos Kuiper -

You’re amazing sweetie ✨
- Tabatha Perez -

You look much more healthy then the video before this. You are a beautiful woman! My aunt died from anorexia when I was 14. She was drop dead gorgeous to everyone but years later she was only 67 pounds and her skin hung from her bones. You have a chance to bounce back
- Ebin Cain -

I'm feeling so protective of you right now are so kind and you dont deserve all the negative bullshit all the hater trolls were trying trip you up with and you came out the other end on top, looking classy, and gave all those assholes the perfect opportunity to see what it means to have GRACE and a strength the likes of which I haven't seen on social media......EVER......especially in the face of diversity. You never get down on their level and because of that you are the perfect example of who young girls should be looking up to. WE ARE IN YOUR CORNER! No matter what!!
- Smarie IsMe -

Girl! You were on my mind today! And I had seen you’ve been posting! We have all missed you and love you so much! You go girl! What a victory! And journey you’re on and have been through! We love you! Stay blessed! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
- Grace Upon Grace -