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This is some fucking good song ngl , deep Meaning
- Creepy Chrizzz -

- Flimstar Official -

When you are arming yourself about to kill a cult member who molested you as a child
- Chris Londo -

maybe nothing else will ever be so clear or maybe that´s only my fear

if just for one day I wish I could disappear

just take me far from here
- The Natural Health Blogger -

hola 2019 alguien sigue a sum?
- Chelvis Chelvis -

What a voice
- Alan Connelly -

Love LP but Sum 41 is sum 41 ya`ll need to hear the whole chuck album before saying that this sounds LP
- Rage -

When you're doing math and have to divide by zero
- ollie -

But honestly, 2:33 through 2:45 does sound like Chester Bennington doing the background singing.
- Liam Kid -

Both LP and S41 are lovely bands, now get over it.
- Liam Kid -

why is this recommended to me right now? WHYYYY!!! youtube should be sooner
- ciloky -

In my opinion, one of the best Sum 41 songs that they have ever made. Very very motivational, and I love to listen to this song all the time. I like the background vocals, and the drums and guitars are very upbeat and intense. I really really like it, good if I ever need to get something done.

Best Sum 41 song for me. Serious tune.
- leonard bullhock -

It sounds a lot like Linking Park, nice song.
- edtskyline -

this is so Sasuke Uchihas Theme Song
- Lily Dogkid -

fucking life man. there's never a 'right' decision. nothing ever really makes sense. and there's no fucking solution. #endedgyrant
- Drake Mccullough -

It's clear Linkin Park and Sum41 are very different bands and occupy different genres of rock. But we cannot deny that this song sounds like a lot of Linkin Park's early nu-metal music (Same type of melody, same type of background singing etc.)
- fuzzb0y -

Just take me farrr from heere
- Creek da sneak -

Sing the lyrics to "In the End" along to this.
- maytheforce betrayyou -

listening since so many years, listening in 2016 and will listen for the rest of my life!
- Elia Tort -