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Lebron the chosen one.
- Serpent Seed black mamba the end of days -

The Superbowl and All Star weekend will be so sad. No wonder they will display his picture and video before, during and after the games.
- Benito Montero -

This man is not even dead you fools. He was just another satanic puppet part of the elite club and this is another hoeks death by the numbers.
- Chris Money -

- η«₯δΈ€ζ°‘ -

I don't think we understand that this life we live is really nothing compared to what's on the other side, I think why God takes away life, especially from people that are seen as great people, is because life itself isn't everything but merely a dream, that's right, life is a dream, that when we die we are actually just waking up in the true reality.
- Bboy. Tony -

Come on now. He lived his life hard. He is gone as we all will be one day. Live your life to the fullest.
- Justin Young -

Kobe Bryant was a legend. Wish he hadn't taken chances in such weather as even the polic copters were grounded.
- Astrocycles -

This crash is very very very suspicious according to different articles, interviews of by standers. Doesn't add up! Too influential especially for ppl of color! Helping ppl change THEIR victim mentality for responsibility accountability and Ownership mentality! There are very wealthy Black white etc ppl who want to keep the masses in poverty thinking bc their easier to CONTROL. THERE ARE WEAPONS INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY HAVE to take out electronic things! Anybody THINKING...???
- kai -

Great losses πŸ˜₯. My heart goes out to the families. The pilot's overconfidence is the sole reason for our senseless loss.
- Miguel Fraino -

- Semsoy Phetsavanh -

Sad :(
- Kentshin Juliano -

- Christy Allen -

I wish this is a dream
- Joaquin Villavicencio -

DUH, thanks Captain Obvious!
- Richard Hill -

Wow just ...... cant believe this is true waking up to remember the fact that Kobe and Gigi are no longer with us just hits me really hard
- Ded Channel -

All are thoughts and heart felt condolences go out to his beautiful wife and daughters πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
- Biggs Biggs -

Stephen A. Smith: Kobe Bryant is still alive! Here's why..
- Western Defector -

Players wait so long for retirement, to live with their family because they spend so much time away from home and it is heartbreaking that Kobe didn't get to experience what he worked so hard for.
- Caleb Campbell -

It’s not fair.
- The Kidanator324 -

Trying my hardest to dodge every Kobe video I see and pretend yesterday didn't happen. What's really messed up I had only read that Gianna had died and for a split second was relieved it wasn't Kobe until I read a little more.
- Dat RanDumb Comment -