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Shaggy and Sting at a soundsystem!
- raboox9 -

Super duet tak trzymać
- piotr lis -

Shaggy #vibez
- Hinekura Hohaia -

n fact make me wait, I cm cracking my own back,...your just a stupid older brother, when your little brother tells you to pull the curtains close the curtains, the outside world does not have to see what's going on...but your a stupid brother as normall...the fuck-up of town!
- J Chr G -

Eu?! Nunca bibinho...pq ei faria VC esperar???
- Odesse Ode -

Im gonna get the album. This song is awesome. Sting's voice is really suited to this type of music. Awesome collaboration.
- Amanda M -

sting est pour moi est parmi les plus grand chateur que sa voix peut se marier avec autre chanteurs,comme mylene farmer,cheb mami,shaggy je le connais pas cest grace a cette chanson et la publicite de la voiture fiat ! merci !
- De Carvalho Quintas Nora -

Who else here from queen birthday show?
- uching shwe chakma -

it Will take more than a decade to have an album like 44/876 winning Grammy incredible combination
- Charles Chege -

Plain and simple this whole collaboration sucks royally.
- stud muffin -

Je kiff ces artistes magnifique👍👍
- madina97224 madinina97200 -

i like to sett playback 1.25....much hip
- asgar extassyforces -

November 2019?
- GothicFan -

- Róbert Èvi -

Black love is beautiful
- Eric Muiruri -

I like this song😀 video is great too😎☺☺😀
- Kasia Kasia -

- Aram Exiazaryan -

NO Sting, you dont need to be so money hungry and JuiceWRLD can keep his money!!!
- Extasy -

fuck you B. people you are lazy and scammers . plz sting don't use them for advertising you do not need money . Thx
- Lotfi Ben Dhifallah -

- gustavo moreno -