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You can see Rick Rubin on the side of the stage wearing a Slayer t-shirt
- djpage7 -

- Old school -

The one and only GOAT
- SW Johnny -

I was in a bar in New York when he got shot. As a young DJ at the time I think I was the only white dude in the bar who was as gutted as all the brothers.
- Camping for Everyone Else -

Chupa Alok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- COLT 44 -

True Artist!
- Darth Mal -

The nigga outfit look like yesterday. This is when?
- Ronald Kent -

Timeless! Official!
- Kevin Dallas -

This is not a rap video- it's goddamm religious experience.
- David F -

The Chosen Ones
50 Times Around the Sun
- Dreality Motion Pics -

Jam Master J wasn't the best, but we was the most popular and famous of the era and put DJ's on the map from a commercial standpoint. GrandMaster Flash was the better DJ but didn't have the showmanship and charisma of Jam Master J RIP.
- K Nazir Ingram -

何年か後にwalk This way?日本國で?当時は洋楽日本に来るのは半年以のズレが有ったで
- 浅野一美 -

- 浅野一美 -

Crowd wasn’t feeling them. They were not ready for this in 84. If you listen to the whole concert, they really start to boo. They were opening for Lou Reed. I guess they were not used to seeing a live act without instruments. RUN DMC gets the last laugh though. They became stars. I think they are in rock n roll hall of fame
- The Train -

The toughest group ever!
- Shawn banks -

Archaeology, sometimes we have to go back to the beginning of everything
- Zouhair Afilal -

Scratch Mix even in 2020....
- Tee Cee -

This is what real hip hop is the legendary Jam Master Jay rest in peace my brother Hollis Queens salute
- Leroy Stover -

That pose is priceless
- Alieu Bangurah -

the fuk who killed this man should have dynamite strapped to his body and pay per view show him get blown apart with the money going to j family scumbag removed a legend just like john Lennon hate will never stop man
- thomas brunn -