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This is great! First time hearing this!
- Jonathan Graham II -

This is one of best albums I've ever listened. All songs are gems.
- José Rodríguez -

Me encanta <3
- Luis -

What's in my bag? brought me here - no way disappointed, great music!
- pharrison1967 -

- Ian Curtis -

History of shoegaze has to be rewritten after this badboy
- baem 00 -

This - always this - phenomenal follow up to "is the is are". Feeling nostalgic for Shoegaze? I know I am - Love Ya Diiv
- Derek Gray -

I,m living in oz freaking out about current situation and just came across this. I have just melted into a pit of delight. Thanks for such a great sound and I now I am in a much better state of mind.
- mikey holts -

I miss Colbys drumming.

I don't need drugs when I have DIIV.
- Felipe Barragan -

I feel like For The Guilty and Between Tides catch all the feeling this album is, absolutly beautiful and truly a masterpiece, i want to hear this album in my deathbed
- Gerardo Perea -

such a beautiful album
- kat -

- alejo corvalan -

This album is on heavy rotation. Every song is solid-hard to pick a favorite.
- Jay Speakman -

i like this shit
- Plástico Fantástico -

Beyond magnificent!
- David Aldridge -

This is one of my favorite albums ever.
- j bru -

Holy crow, this is f'ing amazing
- alaric perez -

Love this record, i felt some silverchair vibes wich is nice because silverchair was a terribly underated band with two superb records.
- prizzzma -

Anyone knows who iść the autor of the cover painting?
- abe ce -