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War Machine be like : *Suprised Pikachu face
- Arustis _YT -

What this movie called?
- Itzlifew/ Aimee -

Respect people for who they are, even thery transexual, Bisexual, Gay, lesbian, or what ever they are just respect them for who they are.
Words can kill Ps bullying can to
- Forcerunner - -

Who dislikes this shit man?
- Michael Bradford -

hes gay?
- Big Noobxz -

Hi guys i lack a conscience hows life cuz i cant cry to anything genuinely i fake it by onions
- DeZiRe HeRcuLes -

Alesia Cara went hard with that verse and those Ads🔥🔥🤮
- Terry van scorpio -

- Crimson Wolfe -

2019? And I still cry 😢
- Young Drea -

shit song
- ihazname84 -

Whose the black skinny dude
- Kevotheyluv -

i watch this vedio every day to remind myself
- Mustache Gamer -

really when i read the name for the fst time i taught is this complex no. really a name then i came to know the song is even more complex then its name is ........

giving a big message.
- Mr. Jupiter -

I don’t want to be alive
- Duc Chuong Chu -

I would like to say that I have very strong opinions on this song. I really do love this song alot. I love all the lyrics they have so much meaning and I cam relate to.them so much. I also think though that it shouldn't be played kn the radio. The first time I heard ot was on the radio not even a year after I was at my worst point when I wanted to kill myself had a plan and everything. My first suicidal thoughts I had were years before in the car wanting to drive into on coming traffic or drive off a bridge and they progressed to much worse things that would for sure end it. Hearing this song that way for the first time in the car driving brought me back to those thoughts and I just sobbed, and yes it ends really good with wanting to live, but hearing the first part could make someone want to.just stop there and not listen to the rest. I really like the song but it's super triggering for me even still now years later and I just think it shouldn't be played on the radio. I was wondering what other people thought about it. So yeah.
- The Adventures of Rachel The Art Nerd -

Or I’m done
- Chris Maida -

Please get ahold of me
- Chris Maida -

We’re did you grow up by a crack head in Detroit we’re you tried to defend your mom when her boyfriend tried to beat the shit out of you but you stand your ground and won
- Chris Maida -

The worst part is hiding you're pain. I should get paid for my ACTING
- Al Sanchez -

I want this to be a movie