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My best friend Lana almost died years ago. She stabbed herself in her basement at 2AM. Right before she did she called me and said that I was one of the few reasons she kept going, really cryptic. I felt like something bad was gonna happen so I sped to her house and found her in her basement locked in and bloody. I drove her to the hospital and she stayed there for a week. I saved her life that day. She died yesterday at the ripe age of 35 in her sleep of natural causes. Her 17 year old son called me this morning and said
"Thank you so much. For saving my mother. For letting her live long enough to have me. For saving her life and giving her the help she needed. She saved so many lives. (She was a doctor and in her free time she donated and spent time doing charity work) all because she was alive. Because of you."
- MomComePickMeUp ImScared -

Shit I want to die
- Raul Chavez -

We performed this in school for mental health awareness week in our school. I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and let me know what you think
- Akins Music -

Thank you too all the suicide hotline providers, you’ve helped a lot of people. Thank you to Logic, Alessia, and Khalid for this song. And special thanks to Richelle, who just spent half an hour with me, telling me I am worth being alive. You all mean so much. Thank you
- Kasia Rodkey -

But in the bible the preacher is holding... is this a joke to you?
- Miss Ethel -

I wanted to kill myself until logic made this song and made suicide corny and gay
- Joshua Delgado -

this is pathetic
- Jamie Swan -

this deserves more views!!!! ❤
- DoNiC 2003 -

“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem” - Don’t forget that, you will make it through
- ThatKindaGuy Travel -

Whenever im sad, i come here to read the comments.
- • GachaKittens • -

When I listen to this song I cry because there's so many people who take their own lives it's not fair that they should feel like no one cares if you are suffering from depresseson seek help there is some one who loves you and spread the hope and love
- Haydien Pettry -

Me before beans:
- Lego Boba Fett -

Depression's a disease

Suicide is how the virus ends
- RD Chrom -

Okay, I want a job at a suicide hotline. Change someone’s train of thought. Prevent decades of hurt from everyone who cares about (person)
- not a starclan cat -

The whole time I was thinking what will the people that love me will do if I die..
- Jake Digger -

This video saved me.
- aye man -

I don't know you, but I love you. I hope you're well. Life is precious. I'm losing my mom to cancer. It's horrible. But life is both bad and good. Remember that there is good. Good exists. You will find it. The contrast may be large, but that is human existence.
- makattak88 -

anyone who feels suicidal and your reading this comment i hope first that you are ok and get the help you need and if your a person who lives with their family and they dont know tell them that its a long hard battle fighting even if you dont feel like you mater you do keep going tell people get help best of luck to all of you if you need this comment i know how it is
- Typhoon -

When I listen this song I think one of my friend she killed herself over a guy and had a young daughter broke my heart when I got told she killed herself
- Steven Priebe -

Dont do it. I can tell you, i tried it several times and its NOT worth it. There is so much more to see, dont waste your life. Please.

Do what you like.
Love who you want.
Travel the world.
Help others.
Just see how much more there is.
Dont waste your life trying to be like everybody else.
Do what makes you happy.
Please stay strong.
Please keep fighting.
Please dont hide it.
Please talk to people.

You are not alone.
I am here. Im gonna listen to you.
- Selina Thoma -