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Don’t start pain
- Julian P. Yang -

Aight but how he get homeboy pregnant 🤔🤔🤔

Everyone : that’s war machine

Me : Iron Patriot

Intellect 10000
- Azure -

Bruh a6d was playing about on stream once and accidently recreated this beat lmao
- Michael De santa -

- tahsinnayeem shrestha -

Who else is in love with logic?
Just me? Ok
Dude this is my favorite song and it always will be I relate to it so much
- Cali S. -

Honestly, I've been bullied about all my life. Every day I get to see the people who talk shit to me nonstop, and it really does wear on you. I've done drugs, I've gotten into fights, I've cried myself to sleep some nights. My grades are dropping, and my dreams are crumbling around me. I doubt I'll make much money to afford anything. My life is a disappointment. I've slit my wrists, I've tied a noose in the woods for whenever I do it. Nobody gives a shit about me anymore, and nobody loves me anymore. I'm gonna end it at some point.
- JDM_Productions -

Thanks, I needed this song to exist. Thank you
- SwineGaming -

To all the people writing ,,Others care about you".
No, they don't. I'm the only person to know/judge if I'm alone or not. So, maybe change this text into ,,Let's be alone together" than give others fake hope, because no, no one cares. You don't know my list of friends, or family. Don't write ,,I care!" when you don't. You don't know me, my character, my opinions, you will write this and later forgot you wrote anything to anyone. How does that even sounds? None texts me, none talks to me and then there is this one person who yells ,,others care!" oh, really? 'Cause I don't feel that. I know you have good intentions, but just... Don't. Breaks my heart every time you give me fake hope, that someone actually cares. Have a good night, with your friends and family I hope.
- † Iитеrпетσшу Cяззр † -

:/ :(
- rezw red -

I could cry every time watching this dammnnn the people who judge.
- Ant Dam -

"I want you to be alive. You don't gotta die." You are not alone
- Depression Talks -

Song still gets to me
- Depression Talks -

When I say I want to die I mean it in a joke way don't take it seriously like I mean like kill me now you know like uhh I don't want to do this kill me I don't literally want to die just had to be specific because someone said they wanted to die then I said me to and then there was a bunch of confusion.
- Ameer Chambers -

thats gay
- asian Boii -

- Cameron Turner -

is not gay if they say no homo
- Games 4 Life -

Still beautiful❤️
- sarah awada -

best song ever
- Dayven Govitz -

Think about kids in Africa ........ think
- Sachin Yadav -