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2019 i'm still here for Logic
- Troy Malik -

My best friend killed himself he was addicted to mine craft not a joke people found out and bullied him for it one day I was going to go round his house to watch a film his mum and dad were away on holiday I knocked on the door continuously he never answerd but there was a window open so I climbed through it and ran up to his room and boom he was there hung there was a note saying whoever reads this is I’ll miss u and if it’s you (me) then thank you and thanks for being there for me
- Yixsa Slyxx -

9, who still listen??
- The Bacon Squadz -

I've always wanted to just die and end the suffering but I held on long enough to see my life continue and all I have to say is don't take your life because that sadness will just be temporary life is short make the most out of it and try making the future try to help someone in need
- Roku -

It's okay to be gay
- Issue High -

Be alive
- Austin q black -

- Kteka -

Me when I'm at school
- rob Gik -

Isnt that the dood from endgame?
- Admit one00 -

" I know I'm hurting deep down but can't show it"
That's how I feel everyday of my life and I've been like this since 6th grade and honestly Idk if I can keep going
- Joe Baros -

I'm speechless. Hearing this song for the first time... Watching the video is so moving. Heartfelt.
- Amistoso Lopez -

This video saved me ❤
- Weird Lightness -

dont die
- Harley Squad -

한쿡인 없누
- 이용수 -

Abandon those against you...Your life is Yours Alone..Don't give it out to your loved ones like FAMILY ,GF or BF.
- Mohamed Imran -

I cried. It's a song for our times...
- redcrest5 -

No matter what professional help I get. When I come home I will be alone. I am going to die alone. I don’t think I can handle that pain. No matter where I go I’m treated differently. People look at me with pettiness. I try and I try but it still ends up the same. People start pushing me away for some reason. I feel like i have special needs. I can’t get a job. I just don’t know why I am treated differently. Like I am some sort of monster. That people feel bad for. I don’t want someone to only be there bc they feel bad. I want someone to hangout with me bc they want 2 not bc I’m some loner loser. I just want to die
- mkayy251 -

the world hates me
- kyra l. -

This broke my heart 💔😭
- Alexis Firestine -

- 장재웅 -