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- D Larson -

- Scotty Jones -

- Max Palmer -

Seen nugent ...badass of al!! socks the fuck off
- Zathrus691 -

My Brother loves this song. he says it was the perfect song while he drove the long haul routes across the USA!
- Rick Cargo -

Saw Ted with my older brother the night before he shipped out. June 1977.
- Romeo Charlie -

Drummer put a pounding to them skins too. Cow Bell ringing for days.
- George Manifase -

Gotta love Sully

Did I beat him?
Answer = Ya
Does a little happy dance.
I beat you.
- Snodog622 -

Fuckin' A better believe it!!!!! that was AWESOME!!!!!
- gojudude -

pure class
- mark bland -

Fuckin America !!!
- steve pembi -

- bau -

Ted RULES !!!!
- Mike Morris -

After Trumps next term....Ted needs to run for President.
- D Mills the Lion troll -

FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Rick Cargo -

Good'ol kick-ass rock
- Christopher Reynolds -

Ted cant sing for shit
- Brad Tanner -

Ted Nugent is a HACK and DRAFT DODGER. PERIOD. One more thing, he is also a pedophile. Check out his first wife.
- graham cameron -

Fucker can JAM!!!
- Randy Fricke -

Ted does it right for our troops and I really appreciate that thank you uncle Ted
- Walter Leland -