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вот как надо работать нашим чувакам
- шаман -

Excellent tune
- Sean Morrison -

Been into dio since he passed when I was 12 in 2010. Heaven and hell got me hooked. I've gotten into more bands since so its been a while since I dug into some Dio. Such a huge influence on me as a musican playing guitar and singing.
- Tyler Morin -

Muchas personas no entiende el subidon que nos puede dar un artista, y la el cambio radical y magico; Dio siempre logra derretirme el alma con cada interpretacion.
- Melisa Garfias -

Ich denke ich habe verstanden worum es in diesem Song geht..
Es gibt einen Unterschied zwischen der selbstlosen und der selbstsüchtigen Liebe ...
Die letztere zerstört aus Eigennutz Menschen und Beziehungen..
Erst die Selbstlose, welche ohne Besitzanspruch um des anderen Willen existiert, ist die wahre Liebe!
- LordOfHadaikum -

Da pra sentir a dor a Raiva em cada Palavra, ele cantava entregando sua alma e criando o personagem. Mesmo ja falou Ninguém chora pelo Bailarino, fenomenal
- Antoniel Oliveira1990 -

This is a Beautiful piece of Art God Bless his vocals!!!❤😍😍😍❤
- Carolina Gardener -

I am always afraid for my heart ,
But I must Keep my heart from my mind!
- Jonathan Campos -

Che dire Grandissimo
- 666KaiserSoze666 -

Ritchie Blackmore gave Dio the boot because Blackmore wanted to go commercial, and that's indeed what he got. But nothing he did post-Dio matches what Dio has achieved without him.
- Omar -

The Basic Rockin
- Qusyairi Sah -

Holy fuck this song hurts rip ronnie james dio. Holy diver heaven or hell came for you rip were falling of the edge of the world
- Scott Denja -

Fucking astounding
- david wales -

R.i.p. dio you are a legened wish you were still alive so i can see you in concert 🤘🤘
- Joe Lampos -

Amazingly a crack head told me a wise thing once. Every good person dies soon. That applies to king James without question.
- Benyamin More -

this song worth anything .
- heavy Irakli -

what's it about then,,,
- Rickey Engle -

This is lovely tbh !
- Paul C Lalchungnunga -

Those chord changes are spectacular!
- Keith Sizemore -

Alguien está viendo esto
2019 ???
- Eduardo Serrano -