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I always have goosebumps while listening to it
- Dobry Chłop -

Still brings tears to me thank you Ronnie James Dio 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
- Marco Jose -

Godamn that voice is sexy af
- Edgar Allan Poe -

I didn't know that he wrote love songs after his years in Rainbow.
- applecake122 -

Eu me lembro da primeira vez q ouvi o king dio a experiencia
Foi de viajar nas asas de uma fenix recem nascida das cinzas
Hoj o dio faz tanta falta
- Rodrigo Mendes -

Anyone who thinks dio sucks has shit taste.
- Monkeyliver19 -

Can't find the words to describe how beatiful this sounds to me and how much I miss the one and only RJD
- culebra666 -

250 suckers suck at their own musical taste.
- Billy Hellhammer Myburgh -

Beautiful...too beautiful to be real...☹️...been there.......
- Sylvia Hilburn -

Saudade da porra...
- Diamond Misantropo. -

10 years, still miss You
- Tomek Panas -

my sweet dio...
- Valfodr666 -

🥗🎸🧔🔱🌄Men,GOD Rejected The My Old Hacker out from People in This Second Record,I Made For God to You Be Ready to Arrest Senile Hacker and Roll Your Ideas How to End His Life in One 2021 year...
- Valdis Freibergs -

Mestre Dio! 🖤

- Адольф Гитлер -

- Адольф Гитлер -

Que voz! Deixou saudades Dio!! Descanse em paz!! Vida longa a sua história e a suas músicas!!
- Fabiano França -

Masterpice ❤❤
- Edwin Medellin -

Ronnie you are always my hero you'll always live on thru your fans timeless
- Jason Lycett -

RIP Ronnie James Dio and thank you SO MUCH for all the wonderful songs, such as this one, that you gave us, also thank you so much for the upload GarratyPL, this song is so good, so wonderful, so awesome, one of the very best songs by Dio
- Παναγιωτης Καρλιωτησ -