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Yes, Dio was a metal god! Lets not forget about the Band! Beautiful guitars, drums!! :-)
- ASMR-Alex -

Amazing 👌👍 music.
- Anthony Martinez -

Similar ao vocal do CATATAU da banda CIDADAO INSTIGADO!!! dois grandes! #666#
- Gregor Samsa -

I believe in it. It's her who doesn't. All she does is leave me the fuck alone when I challenged the entire world for her.

Fuck everything
- Gregor McScrobble -

Che le ali del destino ti portino lontana, ove lo sguardo si perde all'orizzonte, Acery.
- Shawn Crahan -

My favorite Dio song.
- Lewis -

Simplemente..perfecto...gracias por esta música...ronnie
- Leonardo Bustelo -

The frank Sinatra oficial metal
- Manuel Cadena -

- Kevin Brown -

Love This so much Gone but Never Forgotten R.I.P
- Michael Lester -

Dio is one of the best singers of all time
Check this small band if you like is very good with woman voice
- spirtoylis spirtoyliss -

Ahhhh man that guitar. Slick. Totally amazing
- Don Cote -

He was one of a kind
All the way to the end is one-of-a-kind all the way to the
- Adam Tadeo -

Dio did a phenomenal job with this song (as usual), I think it might be my favorite song of his, but the guitar work is also quite impressive, the solos are beautiful!
- Felipe Monteiro -

L a bruja dio del metal
- Norma Acevedo -

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio
You are truly a metal god. :'(
- Liam Bishop -

Le hobbit à la voix d'airain s'est envolé pour des cieux plus ou moins cléments, L'index et l'auriculaire toujours tendus il nous attend là-haut, plus haut, toujours plus haut et nous sourit avec bienveillance...Credo in unum Dio, Et Dio gratias...
- sheldon Bazinga -

- Cihan bilen -

Man ....
- Dank Franklin Productions -

DIO lives forever ♥
- MetalErika BATMAN -