How long does it takes to be faster!?
- BRUNO12123 -

Is it mandatory for both kick drums to be the same sizes? I'm also very grateful you've taken the time to create these awesome and very well put together videos for us. So glad I came across your channel. Thank you!
- Bryan Joseph Kelley -

I can't even play the first triplets patterns 😔
- MorgionX3 -

you're great gardash!
how can I find the proper technique for myself?
- Mehrdad Bahadori -

- Alfonso Durand -

What a very cute Christmas mouse
- jm sanchez -

Great exercises man, they get really challenging at higher tempos.
- Steve Rix -

You are a phenomenon but I can't do any of this. Anything. I Sound since 1992.
- Luke Drum -

Omg the exercise 6 fast is so killer
- watonton kl -

Are you using Tama Speed Cobra?
- CrystalLake84 -

ERCE abi Septicflesh a great mass of death in cover ını yaparmısın
veya herhangi bir Septicflesh cover ı
- Atakan Çoban -

erce abi bu seri bitince eller için de bi seri gelcek mi
- Meriç -

So glad I found your channel man!
Thanks for these lessons 🔥
Cheers from Chile
- Felipe Groth -

Amazing ! You took all those blankets away from your kick drums ahah !
Great exercices I’d recommend to any aspiring metal drummer here !
- théo begue -

Thank u so much erce arslan very very usefull beats and exersice
- Ramish Ali -

yenisini bekliyoruz reyiz
- Doğukan E -

One more great episode in that serie! A lot of very good exercises!
Can’t wait for the next episode.
Do you plan on doing a pdf chart? Maybe at the end.
- Morgane Gautier -

- David Michaelsen -

Kesinlikle en eğitici double bass dersleri. Egzersizlerin eşi benzeri yok.
- Solomon Dawn -

Rock solid exercises. Thank you
- Nino Catacutan -