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the original looks like a video game
- Senexe -

React to real steel
- Seth Mcpherson -

now is less horrible
- Wesley Moreira -

And this whole video was cgi

9:14 For those who want to skip all the bs they show!
- Tony Tpz -

It was so bad when i first saw that movie ... he looked like Shrek
- pablo rages -

I appreciate it but it was a very long time ago. CGI then was pretty wank for shit in full view in foreground. Some better than others and that was the worst but I never expected much from that kind of shot.
- HorusHeresy1982 -

Same as DEEP FAKE right??
- SpiDass -

- King Bernard -

the rock in the original movie looks like an old ps3 game

salutes from colombia
- Juan Brochero -

If who killed captain Alex isn't here I'm not watching😂
- Mubanga Nyambe -

I know this is a classic scene and it's all practical effects, but what can you do with the original Terminator eye surgery in the mirror scene?
- stever73 -

Gonna be honest the original scorpion looks like a mortal combat reject
Let’s call it moral crumpets
- Foop The Hoop -

The original seems made by the creators of Shrek
- elias portillo 2 -

Next one: fix the surfing scene in Did Another Day!
- David Navarro -

this was from a time when CGI wasn't that great. what is this video about anyway?
- Jude Mensah -

Please give me the opportunity to write a letter to my movie characters . I want to leave Tashkent and just take a photo together. please help me.
- Ramil Usmanov -

Still shit
- Lefa -

Y'all still haven't done Mortal Kombat 2? SMH
- D. W. -

Bout time.
- josh L -