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Does anyone else think that Niko bares a remarkable resemblance to Bill Pullman? The actor from Independence Day "We will not go quietly into the night"??
- Streeknine -

For some reason the rock face at the bottom screen at 8:22 look like Ricardo
- Quillen The assansin -

Yeah...., not that impressive.
- I N T E R G A L A C T I C A S S H O L E -

Remove that smile
- Reaction Time & PNMM -

Fix matrix neo vs all the Smiths fight
- Mega War -

Fix all Reptile CGI from Mortal Kombat movie -95
- LucklessCope -

I saw you use Blender, great ;) Great it's all your work (like very much the Atlas robot onr lol)
- Matthieu Barbié -

Hahaha oh man come on you made it even worse
- manlai aaya -

Crew: Nobody is going to take us seriously if we add that take..
The Crew after 5 min: 1, 2, 3 Scorpion.
- Leel André -

Can you guys contact CBS and offer to fix Data in their Picard series?
- MrZedblade -

Criticises movies for bad CG, even a movie made in 2001.
Proceeds to make it better..... Adds shaky cam and lens flare, and says he is limited by today's technology.
- SWATversion3 -

Unbelievable 😌
- R# Gaming -

dame hajal
- Dan Man -

I'm really curious on how they actually recreated his face. Like, step by step.
- Thunder Zebra -

You only fixed that part? U SUCK
- Carlos Torres Jr. -

Nice video 5 ads.
- Hardcore Gamer -

Ugh. Yes. This was a terrible VFX shot. Bothered me the first time I saw this movie years ago when it first came out.
- stormthrush37 -

Pls fix my life :c
- Sandu Stratievschi -

9:21 my face when someone pokes my left ball
- DuJuhan -

You should fix Star Wars & make it so Han shoots first.
- nottiification -