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my mans got an Enya poster - thats whats up haha
- alanjb -

- Lucas Jessop -

- jm sanchez -

Efen crazy but that's what it takes to be great, guess we all have to go 2 hrs now.
- Dave Nawahine -

This is how winning is done; adapting to the experience of becoming your better self.
- Gordon Foster -

- Luke Drum -

Holy shit this video is brutal and absolutely incredible.
- superkillrobot -

- Israel Vargas -

so inspiring. thanks a lot sensei
- Ryan Adi -

Bass sound harley davidson
- Zun ilhamdi -

increasing the speed gradually. starting at 100 bpm and every 5 min I increase plus 5 bpm. will I get to 240 bpm ??? practicing every day!!!
- Leonardo Luz -

Broo süpersin ,davul -vücut kondüsyon egzersizi bir arada olmuş :) 1 saat aralıksız (sınırları zorlamak)..Bravo,eline ayağına sağlık ;)
- Samet Bolgün -

Bunu her gün yapabilir miyiz? Yoksa bir gün arayla yapsak daha mı iyi olur. Bir gün ara verince daha iyi verim aldım sanki ama bilemedim...
- Utku Urkun -

Why is150 bpm so hard ?? :'(
- Sam Callaway -

How many days did it take you to walk again??
- Jo K. Kats -

what happened if I burn my muscles in about 40 minutes and then I can´t play constantly and clean? I must stop or decrease the speed?
- Gonzalo Alee -

i cant even do smoke on the water for 20 minutes
- rickhxc -

can i do this using cheap pedal like gibraltar? tnx a lot men.your lesson and advice very helpful
- Narjo Bulletwe -

Thank you for showing me i'm working on the right thing!! Thank you Erce!!! 💪
- Francis Fernandez Cappola -

Abi masallah supersin helal olsn. 1 saat boyunca dayandin sınırlarıni zorladin. Harikasn
- Dumanci 66 -