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that's hard working... great
- Satyajeet Raval -

Respect, Aziza Mustafazadeh! Greetings from Azerbaijan :)) great job, dude
- Earth Ghoul -

Think I'll have to work my way up to thirty haha but you've convinced me with how good your videos are so here I go
- hugodogobob -

I still need to get a drum kit... 😳 I’m seriously dreaming
- Matthew Stewart -

Speechless. Erce you beast! Phewwww.
- Neil John -

My back hurts just watching you Erce.

I envy your discipline and tenacity.

Maybe you can try Guiness Book of World records Bro!
- Pertama Trading -

For how long have you been lifting weights, Erce?
- Pertama Trading -

i think i should do this once in a while. slower intensity/BPM but higher volume/duration
- M Iqbal Akbar -

Holy cow, man!
- Brandon Thrift -

I just ran across this video by accident and love it! I’ll be adding this principle to my double bass practice, of course I’ll start out with shorter sessions as I’m not this advanced yet but it gives me something to work up too.
Also, your drums sound great, what drum heads are you using on your snare, toms, and bass drums?
- Greg Tolliver -

Here comes the pain train, WOOWOO
- Chris Meeker -

I'm glad I found your amazing videos before I learned a bunch of bad habits. Thanks for showing us all a great way to practice that actually gets results. In 2 days my power and speed are drastically increasing. Thanks again!
- Robot Medic -

Great Video have subscribed looking forward to following the teaching Erce
- Larnie Te - Puki' -

- dany 111 -

Just eat a freaking plate of pasta and all is gonna be all right
- justt hink -

Hi, since you do bodybuilding, you are the right person to ask: Have you ever tried b-Alanine to test endurance when drumming? I ve been searching everywhere for this kind of info with no luck. Its said it can boost aerobic to anaerobic endurance.
- matenorth sall -

nası ya
- Ayberk Erime -

Gym lesson
- francesco toni -

Erce is the first drummer of any style that I’ve seen address this topic. Most drummers say don’t force, stay relaxed etc, but they never talk about how hard to push yourself or how long to practice. I never play any faster than maintaining total control and time, but at the same time we have to develop speed and endurance. This lesson shows the stark reality of how much effort it takes to achieve your goals. Time to crank it up a notch. Great lesson.
- buddyrichable1 -

Play at least 1/2 hour , I never heard that before ; 1:10 into video ; LIKE 😺
- Brad Lee Stone -