Man you are a monster playing drums !!! Congratulations from Brazil
- Leandro Godinho -

This seems like you don't need bass drums anymore?
- Bogart Berting -

any thing George has jam buying!!$$$$😈👹🔥

Looking forward to buy it but does it ship to India🙄
- GreenHeart Army. GHA Vlogs -

Why bother with a drum kit....
- Stephen Asbridge -

What's the song in the beginning?
- Liam Harlow -

So wait... you bend it up til you're just hitting it with the bottom of your footboard? Um ok
- lastditch727 -

Why would George spend more time playing the toms in this video? Smh
- Chris NZ -

So you wouldn’t necessarily even need a bass drum for these? for recording purposes..
- rdeleon079 -

Subscribed! Check my Viraemia cover ;) :
- Arianne Gozzing -

Sure about this Marquez shirt?? ahah cheers bro. Stefano - Bloodtruth
- stefano rossi ciucci -

I'm really close to ordering these! Could you guys make a video on how to set it up? Preferably on the Demon Drives :)
- Mustis1524 -