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Corona is still here so it means stay at home and listen to V A P O R W A V E
- Dogster -

Who's listening in 2 0 2 0 ?
- Maikol Geromin -

this is just 90's fusion but slightly slowed down and detuned, other bands that sound like this: Frank Gambale, Steve Smith, Chick Corea.. add anyone you think also :)
- Lee Ellis -

The accountant for the detective agency in Los Angeles that I head up had always encouraged me to spend, spend, spend but today this famous shampoo model that owns the company comes in saying I'm fired and my quirky secretary is fired and all the rest but I'm gonna try to get their jobs back, PROVE to her I got what it takes to get the books back into the black. Bitch even took my company Beemer.
- wizzolf schaferhund -

Great mix, all top tier tracks <3
- Neon Sunset Style -

Go Miami Dolphins!!!
- Shiroyasha -

It's good to have u with us... [THE BEST VAPORWAVE OF ALL] ♥️
- Pai Corvo GC -

Oy fuck the ads
- Ivan Ramos -

Be me
>Buys expensive, high end vacuum tube HiFi amp
>Uses it to listen to lofi vaporwave.
- Commodore1702 -

first vaporwave mix i heard... thank you for introducing me into this world :)

oh my
- molly Skratch it -

Vaporwave be making a comeback in 2020
- The RyOs -

Ig @earthday.typ
Soundclouds @DREAM CHASM, @theyoungpsychonaut, @TYP_
Imma keep sharing till I see his stuff go up 🙂
- Kandi Fantasy -

I love these but sometimes it just bums me out because I can't make music.
There's a good flow to this one. Consider me an addict lol
- Muiri MacDuff -

I've got a Japanese Pizza hut ad before this. I live in Eastern Europe.
- Pál Gábor Korom -

- Frenetic Zetetic -

Vaporwave is 21st century jazz music.
- vsutlovic -

i get the same vibes from rainbow six vegas
- Detective Donald Kimball -

I'm black, so that dialogue would not have ended well for me.
- Mooch the YardDogg -

Execs at the Ralston/Purina Co.: "Gentlemen, let's come up with an idea for a brand new cat food."
Melvin: "My siamese cat Uhura and I binge watch Star Trek reruns during breakfast."
Execs.: ...🤔
- Mooch the YardDogg -