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incredible drummer, i all his drum parts so much
- WT oven -

I used to hang out to 2 girls heather and lisa. They wanted me to go over someone's house. We went over there and there's Chad Smith! Omg! Couple years later he's in the red hot chili peppers!
- phillip maj -

Why chad and will Ferrell look alike
- CV:/ -

So man, is that your breakfast? Lol
- RodneyLee -

If there were one drummer on the planet I could smoke with, and trade 4’s with, before I die, it’s Chad! Seems so down to earth, and throughput all these years, he continues to improve his playing. The man can just groove!
- Bubinga Basher -

Listen to real music and fuck off btw.
- Bob Townsend -

Met Chad twice in 91 and then again in 2007...great dude. Funny...down to earth just a regular guy. No rock star ego bullshit.
- Joe Peters -

His Sammy Hagar impression is spot on. PERFECT!
- SuperBuzz71 -

"One of the most commercially succesful and musically influential bands." That's a propper way to describe this band. Plus, if you make a lot of money doesn't mean you are making good music. Something you can see in most popular artists today...
- Camilo Esteban Lara Hernández -

Amazing drummer & will have a name in history. A legend.
- Leo Amaya -

This interviewer is an ass in his own special way.
- Sound8Vision -

O si muy bueno...
- juan carlos hernandez -

I love the idea people still ask Chad what music the Chili play. Lol
- icedbannanas -

Quisiera saber lo que dice :(
- Lucho Ramírez -

He actually reminds me of bruce willis in all seriousness. very insecure, can smell the mommy issues from a mile away by the facade on surface, though I have a radar for that. Probably has homosexual thoughts, does weird stuff in bed, cries alone
- Heimlick Clydesdale -

As if I didn't already know. CHEATER
- Heimlick Clydesdale -

He reminds me of my cat. Lonely, cold-hearted bitchy, and steals my cash and doesn't tell me where it goes at night
- Heimlick Clydesdale -

living proof that Will Ferrell could be hot if he stopped showering
- Heimlick Clydesdale -

Shave your head. BAM. Your an amazing interviewer. Just ask opera. (It's a wig)
- Heimlick Clydesdale -

4:48 the best expression ever
- Sompn Brurl -