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John Petrucci - Legend
- Joel Hume -

NOBODY can play this stuff "no problem" fuck you
- Mat Chavez -

he speaks more than listening
- Ayman Hazim -

The one theme I see all god tier guitarists do, is realllllly enjoy listening to other players. You will never be god tier unless you enjoy listening to others more than you do yourself.
- Dank Zappa -

Loved the rush poster on the last clip <3
- Antonio Jordi Honik -

He is not only a GREAT musician but a truly GREAT personality. And in my opinion, that is what an artist should be. All the Dream Theater members are perfect examples of it. An artist does NOT have to be a jerk, a douchebag.
- Lythunder -

Where is "ThiagoCamposOfficial" in this?? They made the best split creen covers of dream theater.....
- gamezoneifictation -

I want to see John play the ukulele, i need it.
- Ryo 69 -

Glad he’s so supportive of his fans interpretations
- baby Jesus -

John Petrucci, he is my hero of all time. I'm gonna go to DT Live Concert on May, But I can't be with them because of Corona Virus. The concert has been postponed. So sad.. but I can wait until it ends!
- 윤재근 -

Wow ron jeremy in dream theaters?
- yafet tuwanakotta -

Rafi is that you?
- JD Anthenat -

Hi John, here is a live cover of Pull Me Under from The lead singer, lead guitarist, and drummer are brothers ages 23, 19, and 17. I hope these kids make you proud.
- Damian Lumen -

Why you put Petrucci`s comments at the same time as people playing? I want to stab my ears with nail! It`s unprofessional and don`t deserve 1,5M views.
- Андрей Гончаренко -

John's instrumental debut Suspended Animation is probably one of the best "guitar albums " like.... Ever. Yeah. Y'all thank me later.
- Dave Smith -

The Doo not included :(
- Emolista2 -

- Pertama Trading -

Nowadays so many talented people... and u just general like the other :P
- Samsul Qodar Yudhanata -

That Angelo Santos dance of eternity, 6 string arrangement is what I played for my berklee audition almost 20 years ago hahah (yeahh...I was THAT nerd....)

Got me immediately thrown into ensembles with seniors and instructors who kicked my ASS up and down the hallways, humiliated six ways to Sunday....but hey, at least I got a scholarship out of it...thanks John 👍
- manifestgtr -

7:34 girl has deeper voice than dream theater singer
- Clarence Beaks -