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Please are we playing the same game? Mine has fully kitted enemies 24/7 with God like aiming and 2000IQ. Weird
- GenSul -

Could’ve been 35
- oMa Dynasty -

Ummmm you aint solo my man

You sick bastard😰😰😰

Mendokusaii has 36 kills
- shadowoster -

Wow between the first six people that try to melee you in the start and the 11 people by my count that could have shot at you and didn’t and the rest not even landing a hit on you. Wow you got so lucky and still needed your team mate to finish up the game for you. Lol 34 kill solo my ass.
Dizzy would have owned that game with 40+ kills if he got matched with that lobby of bots lol
- Joshua Smith -

- BOBO Tv -

Outro song?
- David Sukurma -

PC wayyyyyy different how he have a all yellow peacekeeper first 20 seconds
- JeVontae32 -

other teammate
doing nothing
Him - "you're doing everything I need you to do brother!"
- Sammm -

This dudes got wall hacks how did he know the bang was behind the wall up top

I haven't done 34 kills in my main caracter yet..
- Diogo Vieira -

Need to chill a bit. You were more worried about kills than anything else.
- Shroud’s Friends -

This guy is john wick
- Virgiawan Arsetya -

Man I didn't know you could shoot that far with a wingman
- Kylie C Little -

hey everyone, ive uploaded my new apex montage and i was wondering if anyone can give me feedback on my editing? ive improved on this one but im open to all feedback or critisims
- NattyBizzlee -

Yup enemies at the skull town were all noob s just like me. thrusted towards a peacekeeper like noob. Of course they were to die and also jumped in front of someone with peacekeeper lol. I wish I could get enemies like that. The one I get works as a team shoots from Every angle and I die .
- Faik -

So sweet
- abdulrahman Ashor -

- el pic yei -

- sergiox_99 -