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When i land all i find is some grenades and p2020 but when my enemy finds me he has a r-99 purple maxed and a purple shield who feels me?
- FlawlessVengeance -

LOL HELL YEAH DUDE awesome gameplay
- Nova Skillz -

PC is easier than ps4 for sure
- Charles Williams -

Someone did 36 so your not the record holder anymore sorry
- Dawson Poitras -

Moaning little faggot. You missed the shots and someone else cleaned up your mess for you.
- Cody Smith -

Eres bien lloron, pero si la armas, saludos
- Sergio Alfonso Reynosa Flores -

That's was one of the most incredible displays of teamwork and wholesomeness I've ever seen
- Roman Garcia -

thats a lot of damage
- Ilham Fajril -

Ur not the world record holder mendoz is
- Nicholas D'Onofrio -

What’s ur sensitivity can u do a key bind video
- Clip Central -

they dont even shot back wth
- BiscuitMode -

this should have been titled just got my new aimbot installed and it got me 34 kills
- Sage Domeyer -

Who else likes the way he aims with the shotgun πŸ’ͺ🏽
- Hamza Mohamed -

Cry cry like a little bitch
- Bboy Cino -

I'm surprised his back didn't break
- The World -

I want count this now because everyone got soo good at the game so it kinda harder to drop a 30 homb
- JoJo -

Why it look like he knows where people are before they even come out?
- Frankie Valdez -


Aktiv von 15. Juli bis 20. Juli
Nur solange der Vorrat reicht
- Er Pe -

And I'm celebrating bc I done 3 kills today and 700 of damage πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
- Julier Reis -

Go get some sunshine. It will be good for you shit ass attitude
- Josh Stokes -