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( Never did I think this video would ever get close to 1mil views, let alone pass it, so thank you guys for the incredible support. <3 )
- MrSimpleOG -

Damn the memories before apex changed, no one had a headset XD
- Idle U -

- WinTrooper -

"x_Anytime" from spain get 6500+ damage and is the new world record
- Lucha D'Com -

how do you get so many kills with trash aim? oh yeah low ping. foh.
- Ne0 0Ne -

it looks like a peace of cake but it's a fucking a hard for me to make 4 kills in solo game
- Lidors Christineh -

Wow i wish trash ass players would populate my server every now and then :(
- A V -

Chuck Norris still holds the record
- Grog Goblin -

Monstrão hein! Cara a Devotion é terrível mesmo, essas armas de energia são o capiroto.
- Pedro_Arqueiro23 -

still wonder how my channel is growing so fast
- Multi Tech -

Holy shit his accuracy
- Nicholas Filing -

Kids he kill : report the hacker ... Momy will sue you
- 이올 -

Great game yute!!! Keep it up
- Demetrius Dkwame -

Say whatever you want to say but that was fucking amazing to watch!!
- Shaik Rafey -

Fucking unreal
- FelHendrix -

Jesus 😱😱😱😱😱😱
- Efrain Villamizar -

WOW amazing job. Love that Peacekeeper
- Chris Loeper -

Dellor is better than you
- Berkani Mohamed -

ciao a tutti, passate nel mio canale youtube e twitch (bouth92) live tutti i giorni e tante risate insieme! Vi aspetto numerosi <3
- Boutheyna Fatnassi -

great play, dont like your personality though
- Henry Andrew -