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( Never did I think this video would ever get close to 1mil views, let alone pass it, so thank you guys for the incredible support. <3 )
- MrSimpleOG -

that should have been maa kiiiilllll riiiiigggghtt thuuuuuuuuur
- Taylors Flavours -

When you just get a shit lobby oh look kill record
- Pher Hunter -

Was wondering how tf he found a literal bot match, then i saw the upload date. everyone else must have been painfully new to the game
- ツAhmed -

diamond apex gameplay edited and played by me: feel free to watch and comment: @
- Daniel K. -

@this moment 6:24 & 14:15 i realize some shit aint clean. you cant find people like this unless you know where they are. probably streamable hack😂
- Mohsin khan -

Aaaaaaaaaand your reminding me why I used to run a peacekeeper no matter what loadout it was
- Jason Hastings -

- Angel Falig -

The reason you aint bigger is cause youre kind of a dick lol. Blaming your teammates and surroundings for your failures.
- δNightcore CtrlAltDelδ -

He is cheater, How exactly he knows where the enemy are????
- CYBORG Gaming -

How mean of u shouting cause your team killed your target
- Zeecky -

Guy looks like he’s using see through wall cheats he knows exactly where they are going to pop out of and stuff
- John RIVERA -

Man this is typical PC bullshit. Play fucking normal instead of having an advantage against console players.
- Michael Makovitch -

Dude if i was trying to empty my full auto clip onto someone and they took me out with a wingman i would be devastated... to be fair that's probably happened to me before...
- Raoul Duke -

Dude i know the wingman has a decent default ironsight, but HOLY SHIT!!!!
- Raoul Duke -

Dude if i had ur PC I might be half decent too (edit: yea I'm just bitter...😐)
- Raoul Duke -

Hmm squads?? Liar!
- James Miner -

You are a fucking beast
- Nabil Bahlaouane -

How do you get your peacekeeper to work? Mines only does 32 damage max 😂
- Tondre Neal -

holy smokes
- Cousin Pac -