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Give this man props lol he didnt farm spawn like others do this was a legit 34 kills
- Manuel Roberts -

I need 1 more
- most_wanted_god captor -

Bro I got 33 solo
- most_wanted_god captor -

Bruh your so sick with it damn!
- Nicholas Sharak -

This nigga is dog shit literally worst aim with going aginst lv 1 Fortnite kids who think there is building he stands still with a fucking peacekeeper and focusing in
- Abraham Colton -

- mel mireles -

Female dog
- mel mireles -

This dude's using his peacekeeper like i do with a kraber
- Alexandre Deschênes -

true beast
- Zagad -

homeboy look like he stuck in 2003
- Logan Brown -

Why his aim move so weird? I mean... do you have some kind of aimbot? Like the new mod with some miss bullets to evade the game sistem
- Eduardo Sanchez -

please upload to HD format
- Unkown DJ -

Я в ахуе.
- Cezii 55 -

Is he cheating ? He misses his shots. But he seems to always know wheree eryone is
- Golden Hearttt -

Hacks.. Mods..
- Bryon Richardson -

i need music on this video Broooovs
- White Shadow -
- YGamer Planet -

- #るい -

- g g -

made some apex legends montage, dark and rap content, feel free to enjoy guys:
- Daniel K. -