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Good job
- Infinity_Pizzas -

Im NOT a hater but anytimeshield got a game with 7900 damage, just saying
- Giovanel Agosto -

que movimentação ruim pra ter conseguido esse feito, sem duvidas, um lobby extremamente fraco, oponentes parecem que começaram no mundo fps naquela partida kkk
- Herick pinheiro -

oh man, not only is this guy awesome but he was so nice and supportive to his teammates. It was so sweet the way he kept reassuring his team mate in how good he was doing. I'd love to play with him apex one day.
- assassin4life6 -

Is this...John Wick? Haha
- Ryan Cloutier -

My question is where do you rotate to and how do you know there will be so many players there?
- World Of Tanks Gamer 7 -

My bro tested all of these sites thinking that they were real, however the only real one is Gamecrook. I hope I saved your time as well.
- Gaming warrior -

there is a promo campaign on Gamecrook right now and there giving away coins and gems. it work for me.
- Franc Wico -

- Franc Wico -

I just found a website where you may get free gems and coins. It's called Gamecrook.
- Andreaaa V. -

There is a promotional campaign on Gamecrook currently and they are giving points. It worked for me.
- Kreed -

The enemy's r not pro at all 😂😂😂
- holiday YouTube -

Back in the day when it wasnt impossible to get 20 kills as a normal player
- N00B 69 -

If only I was this good with the PK...
- minddrummer -

this guys camera is cancer
- Black Fox -

What is this mans fps holy crap
- Ryaan -

I could probably pull this off in a lobby of 3 year olds too
- Patrick McCrime Dog -

Bot lobby
- zikriya jr11 -

Forget about doing that now 🤣🤣🤣
- Sergio Perez -

MrSimple a complaining bichhh
- lildeadshawty -