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Essa sim é a boa meu povo !!!!!!!!
- Luly_ Koyana_haru -

The irony, both of their relationships ended after this.

On a different note, I wonder how much Lady Gaga's necklace costs.
- Brittany Byrnes -

You can tell he fell for her
- Makeup 101 Geek -

حد عربى من هنا
- mohamed maher -

I never knew she can play piano
So sooo beutiful😍😂😍
- makai richardson -

In the shallow were we started and please always remember us this way 💓🇵🇭
- Ailene Corpuz -

try to fit in sooooo.... muy caliente!? vamos vamos
- ShabanoozyTV -

Meant to be together! Can’t change the heart.
- Shirley Smith -

That sounded like Miranda sings no joke 😂
No hate just my opinion!
- SportsOntheGo -

Juntos e Shallow Now.
- N3EAR -

She is so weird
- zenocalgary -

Cara teve uma hora que ela ia dando um vácuo no abraço dele
- suelon Jr -

No descarguen la aplicación de la edad, les va a robar sus datos.
- Nahum Castro -

스타이즈본 보러갑니다
- Seungeun Choi -

Brazilians seem to suddenly have multiplied x100
- Mikel Sopelana Durango -

- Don King -

She loves him.
- Ravishing Beast -

Damn lady can bellow it out! Beautiful!!
- sam bolt -

I know the critics have their own opinions on Lady Gaga. But she absolutely owns that stage
- Jeffrey Brady -

Isso sim é música 👏👏👏👏👏👏
- llys belly -