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i told em this a vibe right here
- Lil Durk -

Oh Boogie OFF "only foreign family" ?! Oh and he a wild boy hmmmm k
- Melanie J Banks92 -

I heard this earlier on his CD and thought he should make a video with them on the beach.. this my 1st time seeing this video and its everything I imagined
- sonny farrington -

This Is My Jawn Me And Boo Cakes Be Vibing...
- Tyriq The Pharaoh -

I like a boogie and lil durk I think they need to put out more songs
- Oumar Diand Jr -

Lil durk gets the best girls for his videos
- Shaj The Baj -

- Soundmon Diere -

Produced by me
- Touch Money -

They fucked up smh
- MR Skittles -

lil durk and boogie is underrated πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
- Levi Crowfoot -

This song make me feel confident
- Zaire Turner - A BOOGIE TYPE BEAT
- Dj Sleep -

Have u guys realised A boogie's facial expression and body language changes through every lyric
- Mad-K Herold -

There's a reason why A Boogie is called 'Artist'. PERIOD 🎨.
- sara da brat -

durk style changed alot its like hes not from chi no more new person

Ion know how I feel about this one.
- Melissa Xavier -

I MADE IT TO FIRST 2000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

- Nicey Neesh -

lil durk music getting better Everytime and a boogie ain’t stopping he showing his talent that’s y they calm him ARTIST 🀘🏾
- Nicey Neesh -

This shit so funny but so fire
- Ziaire Johnson -