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In this video, I try representing as many guns in PUBG with the real life guns through some of my and my friends guns.
We cover the AWM, M24, MK14 EBR, Scar, 416, mini 14, m16, double barrel shotgun, pump action shotgun, ak47, p92, 1911, and revolver. We also shoot all of these at a cast Iron skillet ( Here are some of the accessories fitted to the guns: AK Rail mount:
Red dot:
Scar scope:
AWM scope:
M16 Scope:
Vortex Magnifier:
MK14 scope:
M24 scope:
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Awm is the best gun in free fire and pubg
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Nice it's real expansive video
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Any vector with supressor/compensator, holo/red dot scope, m416 stock, and extended quickdraw player here????
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It is real gun
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