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UGK sample anyone? I never heard this before but I know I've heard that beat and I'm 100% positive I've heard Pimp C and Bun B on something like this.
- Insomniac Jamesy -

The one group that all albums were good and the live shows were great.
- Kim Young -

Hendrix could have went in any direction it would have happened first time listening to this site awesome love it from 1958
- Harry Lopez -

Only an asshole wouldn’t feel this, good for you. X
- efewfew -

That goodgood.
- Calvin Sasse -

The Cut! From Blewfoot....
- Troy Staton -

The places this song has taken me.......
- Kaylie Barker -

Hay in the middle of the barn
- Darrick Sublet -

Smoking on hay
- champ0925 -

Acid is in order for this one.........
- Jon S -

- Jewell Mendes -

I picture Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix, my dad and members from this crew blazing up together to this. Keep the funk alive.
- Black Tiger -

Listening and honoring the passing of my elder cousin this week. A 'Funkateer' received his wings... and funk is its own reward.
- reedykat30 -

Looking at these pictures I feel like I was born in the wrong era, at best I got the Wu-tang. Parliament and WU-tang forever.
- Black Tiger -

Stay funky like unwashed nondeodorant having armpits.
- Black Tiger -

This where crucial conflicts got their smoking on hey beat from.
- Black Tiger -

LOVE IT❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!
- Hadda Pierce -

Smoking on hay in the middle of the barn
- Anthony Conley -

Crucial Conflict use this and I like that s***
- Anthony Conley -

damn this is an extended version than the one on Apple Music wtf man I feel like ive been lied to my whole funketeer life
- MrKudipanhama -