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She is so sweet and kind but we need to help her get better we need her to get better and have a better chance ofsurviving but she
is so sweet
- Adriana Winter -

Love ya girl hope you’re doing okay 💜
- Whitney Vaughan -

I love eugenia so much she reminds me alot of myself... I'm so glad she decided to go into recovery cus her life is very worth it... we need more people like her in our world.💋💋❤❤
- ZyhriToyoko -

18:02 just go. just click that. DONT BE SHY
- Aubrey Jones -

Love Karuna's shoutout at the beginning, does anyone else LOVE her?
- Aubrey Jones -

I just want her to be safe.....i hope she is okay this month :(
- I’m Not a boy I’m a girl -

Support her she needs it guys, we all love her and want her to be healthy. Eugenia is doing well I am so proud of her! ❤ Good job girl you are so sweet! Good luck!!
- Anna Powell -

Yup Eugene you ,ur beutifull
- Lynda. M. -

Damn girl your sexy
- Lynda. M. -

I love how most people value their privacy so much but say Eugenia is obligated to go through her journey under the public eye?? In the video at least
- Gabriela Doughty -

I’ve had 3 eating disorders and I didn’t know. Thank u for sharing this and showing me that I was slowly falling into this
- peyton ahem -

is it bad I want to look like her?
- lemongrab -

Oh she's so nice.
- Bang -

She's really nice.
How can someone want to be so thin? What if you fall and break😩😩
- Bang -

- Ella Bransfield -

I have a friend Delaney and she is getting really bad she has an under eating disorder and she has a heart monitor at this point and she still thinks she is fat and I don’t know how to help her so this kinda did help
- Abbie 4610 -

POV your playing animal crossing while listening to the video.
- Dum Dum -

She’s scary! It just looks incorrect. I should get my dog to help me to stop being scared
- VannyReal -

And having been on both sides of this story in my own life it made me cry! Such an important thing everyone involved has done for us!
- Olivia Paciulli -

I used to watch you and youtube in general a lot more but havent for the past few years. Coming on today and seeing this.. I needed it AND you are such a comfort in this community. THANK YOU <3
- Olivia Paciulli -