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This video means so much to me. Thank you Eugenia for letting us in. I love you so much. :') <3 go send her some love
- shane -

Rewatching this, because she seems to be relapsing. Something that never sat right with me was she said she used to have an eating disorder. She wasn’t in recovery long, and it’s not just going to disappear. That was a sign to me that she was nowhere near okay.
- Nicole Elizabeth -

This video is shit
- Nobodyuknow Xoxo -

oh my god I'm watching this while all the internet hating on Shane and I just hope he doing okay :"(
- A -

She is relapsing 😪
- Anna uWu -

He is so sweet guy, and she is adorable 💖😍
- kid rainbow -

Time stamp 35:40
- YankeyPeaches〈3 -

This made me sob. I feel so upset and sad for her. She doesn't deserve this and I wish I could help her. I just watched one of her recent videos and I was heartbroken. I want to help her want to get help. I want to help her feel beautiful and feel as amazing and sweet as she is. Thank you shane, for doing this. And eugenia, If you ever see this, i support you. I want you to feel better and happy and make whatever choices make you happy. But I also want you to be safe. I also want you to be healthy. Much love❤❤❤
- LuLuXM 0.1 -

Lol she’s recovering....I’m not!! 💜
- The Snorlax -

God I have so many mixed feelings about all this 😶 I really love Eugenia though 💕
- Symphony Sonic -

Theory #1
I feel like Her mother had brainwashed her as her YouTube career expanded because of all the attention she got. She might of been like this before YouTube because of a mindset that she had, as time progressed she gained more followers and attention because of the things she would post as well as her body image. Money might of been coming in with the views and I feel like the mother might of gotten ahold of this and figured out maybe a reason why she’s getting so many views is because of her body image, in order to keep that Body image, her mother might of ‘brainwashed’ her. She used to live with her mother which is a little concerning since she is older than 18, that could lead to some skepticism and people think something is wrong, but she had recently moved out which is good.Eugenia gets a lot of hate but she may also not even realize what’s wrong because her mother might have something to do with the way she looks. This is only theory I have, please don’t hate on Shane For this, there’s no reason for hate to come his way for this, he has no control on her, all he can do is try to guide her in a right direction as well as try and help her.
I do think maybe a series on this would help us understand more and maybe help Eugenia but at the same time it may be an invasion of privacy and could lead to some problems with family and privacy.
Theory #2
Her mother has tried to get her help but she can’t force Eugenia into recovery because Eugenia has probably denied a lot of the the problems that she has physically because she can’t “see” them.

Theory #3
Jack Skeleton. She says idolizes him for his kindness but she’s also very skinny, could she be idolizing him for his skinniness and darkness? She may have an obsession over skeletons and skulls and The character Jack Skeleton could be a trigger.
Edit:These are only theory’s that can be proven wrong, but I believe that there may be parts that are right
- Adancing Salad -

why is jaclyn glenn mad about this video?
- Stanton -

- alyswag the great -

I love her so much I really hope she gets better there are millions with anerexia or whatever she does or doesn’t have much love ❤️
- Melody Lynn -

And now she looks sick an too skinny again Shane should help her😢✌️🐷I know he s in allot of drama now, but somebody should help her back to rehab✌️
- Ries van Dijk -

Eugenia is wife material. Imagine going home to that after a shitty day at work.
- Stehv Burgueno -

She's so beautiful but she needs to be gaining a couple pounds... I starved myself for about 4 months...but it's better to get help. If she dose have anorexia than once she keeps it up she can't control becomes an addiction
- 20psycho_ bunny -

Kati Morton looks like Christina Applegate.Shane I wish that you would show Cheeto more,I love him.
- Starfire3 -

How could anyone be mean to this girl?
- pastel princess -

"dont ask her what she ate" shane: "so whatd u eat <3"
- natalie~~ -